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Thread: Quads w/ no hand function - how do you use mouse functions?

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    I use a laptop with a touchpad.

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    i use a trackball pro from ch products. i'm still right handd (barely), so i uses windows-control panel-mouse properties-basics--to switch the buttons so it would be easier to click.
    i'd like a wireless trackball-any recommendations?

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    I use the Kensington as well but just wanted to give a suggestion I use the trackball but with my palm facing up so I use my knuckles to click the buttons, iI find it easier this way.

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    I noticed some people used the QuadTrac or just one mouse/trackball. With USB you can use more than one mouse at a time.

    I use a logitech trackball with my right hand. I have a mouse with some foam glued to the buttons that I click with my left hand. I took the ball out of the left mouse so it doesn't move my pointer when I click.

    Does anyone know where to find a normal 3 button mouse? The only ones they sell anymore have the scroll-wheel for the middle button.


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    Originally posted by Lewis:

    A feature many people are unaware of is the _Mouse Grid_. This feature turns your computer screen into a grid of nine squares. Each are labeled with a number and you simply say the number to focus in on that area of the screen. This is repeated until the mouse is where you need it to be.

    I hate MouseGrid! I use a trackball with my mouth stick these days, far out I'm glad the MouseGrid days are gone. When I'm in bed I use the Track IR or whatever it is called these days, it is so much quicker than MouseGrid I couldn't go back.

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    I use this: IT IS GREAT! I have no wrist/finger movement and it works 20 feet away-wireless. 1/4 the price on EBAY.

    Also, my wife and I use 2 different mice with the "Y mouse (

    Buy it cheapest from

    Logitech Trackman Live! Wireless Presenter Mouse

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    We have a lot of clients who really like the Jouse or Jouse2:

    There is also the HeadMouse which some like:;;3

    The HeadMaster is harder to find:

    None of these is cheap though.

    Here is some additional information resources:


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    DA said:

    i use my hand. i put my hand on the mouse, and when i need to click, i roll the pressure on the button. it works well for me. i was able to finish all the half-lifes, duke nukems, and many more.
    That's what I do too. DA, would LOVE to play counterstrike sometime. Can I be the terrorist? PULLEEEEZE?

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    I use a Key Tronic Lifetime Trackball Keyboard when I'm sitting at my desktop. The location of the trackball is perfect for controlling the mouse with the heel of my left thumb and pressing the buttons with the eraser end of a pencil strapped to my right hand. I never thought I'd have cursor control this precise.

    I also have a Fujitsu LifeBook B Series Notebook that has a touchscreen. Best of all, I can use the touchscreen with the eraser end of the pencil I use to type instead of a stylus.

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    I just got my new laptop with a touchpad and to my dismay I found out it won't work with my mouth stick. I found a that sells "Conductive Foam" that will allow you to use your mouthstick with a touchpad. However, they don't ship to the US. I have an e-mail in asking where we can get it in the US. I'll let you know.

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