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    Just wondering during the winter do your legs get cold pretty much all day, i do a lot of running around out side, and seems not matter how much I dress for winter my legs get cold until I go to bed each night? Are there pills out there that increase circulation to maybe help with this?

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    Hi, I have had the same problem during winter, specially if staying outdoors for several hours. Recently I went to the zoo and was walking around for about 3 hours. My legs got so cold and my blood pressure dropped!

    I wear something called "winter silk" long underwear pants now, and it helps a lot, bought them in the USA, the online place to get them is Land's End. The other thing that has almost solved the problem is going to a sauna or steam room at least once a week.

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    There is no medication that you can take to increase your circulation to your legs. You are really doing one of the things that we recommend - moving around - to help increase your circulation. Make sure that you dress for the weather - and if possible stay away from the extremes in temperature.


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    Yes, my legs are pretty much continually cold from November till April. Sometimes they actually look a little blue, and then when they warm up finally they overshoot and get pink. The only thing I have found that helps at all are those shoe warmers you can buy. They are little pads that fit in your shoes. Wear thick socks to prevent your feet from getting too hot. I have read someone post that they never should be used for people without sensation, but I have been using them for a few years now on bitter days and as long as there are good thick socks between your skin and the pad it seems to be fine for me.

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    Yes, my legs also get as cold as ice rather quickly. I really notice it when I get into bed at night when my hands can feel the skin on my thighs....I can't believe how cold they are. I've been using an electric blanket at night the past couple years. It feels really good.

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