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Thread: Be careful of trojan horse email stating your email account is closed

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    Be careful of trojan horse email stating your email account is closed

    There has been a sudden rash of Trojan horse emails that have names like administrator@<insertyouremailserver>.com that will start by saying that your email account has been suspended because you have been sending viruses through your email, telling you to open an attached file to find out what it is all about. Beware of this and do not open the file.

    For example, I have received several dozen emails in the last few days that claimed that my email service has received complaints about viruses that have been sent through my account, that my account was being closed, and that I should open the attached file to see what it is all about. I wrote to my email provide (earthlink) and they assured me that this is fraudulent and they have nothing to do with this.

    1. No legitimate email service provider will ask you to provide a password, account number, or any sensitive information via email. If such a request is present, no matter how legitimate sounding the email may be, be very suspicious.

    2. A legitimate service provider will not send you an attachment for you to open. Most will direct you to their official web site so that you can download the file. Do not open any attachment without first confirming with your service provider that it comes from them.

    3. Spammers and virus creators can easily send emails that seem to come from somebody you know, including getting the names and addresses from your addressbook. For example, previous virus attacks on your email may have sent out the contents of your address book.

    Be wary of all emails with attachments. I routinely delete all unsolicited email that contain attached .pif or .exe files.


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    Edited to make the administrator@<insertyouremailserver>.com address show up...

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    thanks, steven. I was doing the same thing... I guess the line... works. Wise.

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    I changed it back to the < and >; for some reason it shows up as a string of underscores when replying or editing.

    "Sometimes, its enough to plant the seed, walk away, and let the flower grow on its own."

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    One of the culprits is netsky. they are forging e-mail headers among other things resulting in some chaos with virus detection programs that send out alerts.

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    i got the ebay spoof one yesterday, trying to get my ebay password,,,

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    What bothers me is the profusion of warning emails that I am getting from legitimate servers telling me that my computer is passing viruses even though my computer is not responsible for any of them. These warning messages are themselves such a nuisance and I think they are adding to the problem. I am getting dozens of such messages every day (despite three filters at the level of my mail server, my university firewall, and a local junk mail detector).


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