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Thread: You know you are disabled when

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    I think I remember when Quickie first came out their ad slogan was "I would rather have a Quickie!" Ahhh........yeah, but I still need the chair.......
    lol thats cute but.....ah the memories.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue View Post
    a friend mentions a quickie and you think of a kind of wheelchair before you think of what you used to think of.
    Yup, another spontaneous act that now requires hours of careful planning!

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    when I got my first chair I had tears running down my face. The vendor tried to make me smile and gave me a hot pink pin that said, "Nothing beats a Quickie".
    Well he wasn't prepared for my response of even more tears, lol. I gave it to my boyfriend and he ware it to campus on his bookbag. Everyone wanted a pin---
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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