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    dr. young

    my son was given a mri to rule out a syrinx, results were as follows..
    revealed a l.9 cm ecentrically located focus of fluid signal was in the cervical cord at c6-7, suggestive of a syrinx versus myelomalacia.
    My question is how bad is this? and also, does a syrinx enable further
    return? He is an incomplete c6 strong arms, no fingers, only one tricep firing for
    about a month, around the same time they found this syrinx, and
    tricep is still very weak. He was injured july 3rd.

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    Has he any symptoms (ie, loss of sensation or movement, worsening spasticity, increased neuropathic pain, unusual sweating patterns, etc.)? It is common for most people following a traumatic injury to have a small cyst right at the site of their injury. If it is not causing symptoms, or getting larger with time, generally there is no reason to be concerned or to seek treatment, although MRIs may need to be done periodically to monitor if it is getting larger or not.


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    none of the above mentioned symptoms, his blood pressure started to drop in
    the mroning when getting into his chair before therapy, so with some reading
    i mentioned it to the doctor, so I think i might of encourged the possibility, so
    we checked. My question, is would this enable possible return in the future?
    or is this cyst enabling his tricp from getting stronger? thank you.

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    Orthostatic hypotension when first getting out of bed is normal in most people with SCI above the mid-thoracic level. It is not a symptom of a syrinx. It is best managed by drinking a good sized glass of water at about 30 minutes before getting out of bed, and using both compression socks and an abdominal binder when out of bed.

    The degree of damage at the area of the injury, which sometimes can be seen chronically as myelomalacia or a small cyst by MRI, is the reason for the paralysis/weakness he has. Unless it has gotten worse, his triceps weakness is most likely due to the original damage to either the cord or spinal root at that level.


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    Cyst does not sound too concerning. Would have him evaluated to see if nerve transfers would be of benefit for his hands, though.

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