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Thread: Pain & spasms

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    Pain & spasms

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    Baclofen pump facts
    The baclofen pump is used to provide medication directly to the spinal cord, typically baclofen, when the oral dose exceeds the recommended maximum dosage. It is produced by Medtronic and is about the size of a hockey puck. A catheter runs from the pump along the abdominal wall where it is anchored to the spine and punctures the spinal cord. It is possible for the catheter to be placed above the point of injury. I have mine placed at C-4. It can provide medication both continuously or in bolus amounts (large amount at a time) and is typically delivered in micrograms. The pump itself is located just below the skin somewhere in the abominable section. Mine is located on my right side. The battery lasts anywhere from five to seven years at such a point when they need to replace it, but not the catheter. To fill the pump, a needle gets stuck through the skin and a port in the middle of the pump. To reprogram it, a scanner is placed directly over the pump to scan the pump and get the settings at which point they can change them and program the new settings into the pump. MRI's are not a problem with it as it automatically shuts down as soon as it senses the magnetic field. If anyone has any information to add to this, go for it.
    As far as medications that can go in it, baclofen and clonidine are a typical mix to help with spasms and some pain. You can add Dilaudid or a number of other liquid medications although I found they aren't very effective for central pain, at least not long-term. And for me, a lowered my testosterone level and I put on a ton of weight.
    I have a lot of experience with this thing so if you have any questions that aren't answered here by me or others or doing a search, feel free to ask.

    Will someone please make this a sticky post. There are a lot of questions about it and I think it would be good to have them all answered in one place.
    spinal cord injury gunshot paralyzed spasms pain t9 sitting up causes more pain baclofen morphine pump tubing catheter faults the doctors would not correct doctors nurses do and dont care I need help I’m a twitter not a quitter

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    in pain I tried to post I'm hurting to bad why cant i post what did i do?

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    You need to have the pump rate increased and/or checked out to make sure it is working.You must contact the appropriate doctor, Especially if you have Baclofen in it, you must not withdraw off of it fast due to a pump or catheter problem. Make an appointment with them ASAP or go to ER and they will have to come see you.

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    Hi Bamajeff61 and SCI-Nurse,

    I am a c7 asia a-b quad who has chronic pain. I talked to my doctor the other day about my pain and she said the next step for treating it would be a pain pump. Currently, I am on 180-240 mg. of Avinza as well as 90 mg. of Cymbalta and 40 mg. of Baclafin daily for my pain. She said the pump could deliver many of the drugs that I'm on in smaller doses and with better effect including better pain relief. I have many questions about the pump though. Including, how invasive is the surgery to have it put in? How effective is it for neuro-pain relief? What are the draw backs? What are the chances of getting to much or to little of a dose and having adverse effects? Also, my pain is off and on. Some days it is really bad, some days it is pretty bad, and some days it is not that bad. Is this the best treatment option for me given the fact that it's off and on like that? The pain does limit me an awful lot as I have a hard time being in my chair for to long because I get really sore. And sometimes I have a lot of shooting electric feeling pains in my legs and soreness in my lower abdomen. I just have some reservations about getting this thing, but really want better pain relief.

    Thanks for your responses!


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    and remeber there have been a lot of problems with doctors not connecting the cath correctlor the equipment being defective ,depends on who is telling the story. bottom line, the catherer leaks and it doesnt show up in some test, caths became dislodged and were not delivering the medication to the proper area, there was a special notice in pub med and a couple other places about this. i believe they killed at least one person, noone listend to the patient and the patient went into withdrawls,
    do a search on here, i posted the links a while back.
    cauda equina

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