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Thread: Bowel programs

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    Bowel programs

    Hey - just wondering if other have this or know of a reason for this? Every time I do my program and have a BM, my stomach (?) sounds like a coffee percolater afterwards. Is this normal or any reason why this would happen? makes me think that I am not "empty" and fear of a embarassing accident afterwards later in the day. I never had this before in my last 22 years of being in the chair except for the last 6 months or so.

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    chnage your diet at all? new vitamins?
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    not at all

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    maybe gas that was stuck that is now free to move about the colon....
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    Not only gas but other feces are able to move through. The stimulation that you give your intestines during a bowel program is not just locally, but does stimulate the colon, as a whole.


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