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Thread: can anyone I.D. these hand controls?

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    can anyone I.D. these hand controls?

    anyone here know what kind of hand controls these are?

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    I have them on both vehicles but not sure what they are called . . . I'll have to ask my husband.

    Monarch 1-A or something like that.

    ~*~*~Priscilla Katheryn

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    ah, cool. Thanks Pricilla.... here's another pic I found searching around... anyone else used these?

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    Your welcome! My husband is A/B but he's used them when his foot was nearly broken --- LOL

    Anything you want to know about them just ask

    ~*~*~Priscilla Katheryn

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    Originally posted by glittergirl:

    Anything you want to know about them just ask

    - what level are you?
    - have you used other types to compare them to?
    - do they bang your leg if you give a lot of gas?
    - how much diid they cost ya?

    ~ scott

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    The Full name is MPS Monarch Mark 1A

    I have had a pair for 10 years that have been used in 2 different cars, 1990 Ford Thunderbird and 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse. They're still as good as new. They're the only kind of hand controls I've ever used, have never had a problem with them. I paid like $400 for them but that was 10 years ago, probably cost more now.

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    They are the bomb, kid! Much more comfortable than the MPD (I think) knob types. I love mines compared to all others. About $700 installed, new...

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    JT & offthahook, thanks. Glad to hear some positive reviews. Do you know if MPS has a website? I'm not having much luck w/ google... their name is too generic.

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    That's the kind that was on a van I tested once. They felt cheap and loose to me. They kept hitting my knee and I couldn't mash the pedal down far enough even after I moved my knee out of the way.

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