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Thread: can anyone I.D. these hand controls?

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    I have seen a lot of people raving about the SureGrips (link below)... Does anyone have a price estimate off the top of their heads?

    Also, does anyone use the Menox Controls (link below)? The idea is intriguing to me. If ou do use them, what do you think, and how much did they cost?


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    Originally posted by McDuff:


    and now "for something completely different"
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    I don't have the original invoice for my hand controls, I had to mail it to VW, but I think the total was $700 for the parts and instalation. I'm pretty sure I saw the labor charg was $200, so the controls were $500. I have a copy of the invoice somewhere, but I can't find it right now.

    I also saw the Menox controls after I got the sure grips. The Menox page doesn't list a dealer near me though. The idea does sound nice, but I'd have to try them out first. See if there's a Menox dealer near you and go try them out.

    I do like the sure grips though, except they block the lever that unlocks the stering wheel so it can tilt and telescope. Looking at the way the sure grips are installed, it looks like the stering wheel would still be able to telescpe fully in and out, and tilt a little if the lever wasn't on the bottom. While driving, I can still use the blinkers, light dimmer and cruise without having to take my hand off the controls.

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    I'm with Jim, believe $650-700 installed.

    I asked the dealer about the Menox, they were more than double the price. I guess 'cause they come with that brake holder, must involve some electrics. They do look interesting. I got a van, think these would be more suited for a car(specifically sports ) where clearance might be an issue for in/out. Haven't heard anybody say they use them yet. Also got to think whether you want right hand controls.

    SureGrips been treating me right. Had to get them adjusted, and probably one more time. Had them "lean" the handle forward to allow me to get more throttle w/o having to pull the handle past 4 o'clock. Also relaxed the return spring to lessen fatigue. I can reach blinkers but not cruise as they are set far in the wheel. One thing I didn't know at purchase, there is a hinge point on the right side that I have to watch out for when positioning my leg, it will come down to my knee. Might not be an issue w/ your seating.

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    I wasn't able to find photos. If they are the Menox controls I like them. I have MPD 3500 in my 71 International Travelall and just about every other vehicle I've had. I'm over 6'2" and a lot of it is leg. Often the knees have taken a beating. With Menox not issue in my 90 Prelude. I would only recommend in vehicle with console. I purchased vehicle mods for about 10 years for the State of MN.

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    post is 4 years old he probably moved the pic

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    steering knob vs steering wheel, any opinion,
    i am a new member, nervous about using hand controls

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    knob is required here in CA. They even put the req. on my DL.

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    I have a steering knob positioned at about 2 o'clock that I don't use except when I am parking or driving in parking lots. I also use cruise control when I get to the open road. I found that on my 3rd day of practice, the hand controls were feeling almost normal, and second nature by the end of 2 weeks. Good luck!
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    I have the push over-ring type. something like this.

    i like the idea of driving while being able to smoke. put the pull brake somewhere near and u have a nice one-hand driving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    The only alternative to that issue that I've found are the Sure Grip controls, but not having tried them, I'm not sure...
    I thought you had them on your Jeep? Anyway, the Suregrips are super easy to use. You can accelerate by just placing your hand on top of the handle it's that easy. I also have the MPDs and it's not even a contest. If I can find a decent set of Suregrips, they will take the place of the MPDs.
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