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Thread: In need of a Shower chair

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    In need of a Shower chair

    I am a new member to this forum! Spinal cord injuries is all new to me as well. I am looking for a shower wheelchair/commode for my cousin. She was injured in April of this year in a third world country and is now coming here to the states for treatment. I could really use all the help I could get with what would be helpful at home but first off I need to find a shower chair that is not going to break the bank. I do have a large walkin. shower. Does anyone have one to donate or know of where I can get a used one? Thank you all in advance!
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    WHere do you live? Many cities have "lending closets" for used but usable DME. You can buy shower chairs on Ebay for a few hundred. Check with your local CIL for more assistance.
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    I live in the boston area, sorry to ask but what is CIL? Thank you for your reply.

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    I have a extra shower chair that i do not use the only problem is how would i get it to you? I live in illinois

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    A lot depends on your cousins level of injury in terms of what might be needed. A para with decent strength can use a shower chair that just sits in the shower, usually made of plastic and height adjustable, and they come in at fifty to eighty dollars new. Some elder services have used equipment to loan for seniors AND disabled folks, so you might check there. Is she coming to Spaulding for rehab?

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    I've got a shower chair that's too big for my tub/shower - pay for shipping & it's yours!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coleen View Post
    I've got a shower chair that's too big for my tub/shower - pay for shipping & it's yours!!!!!
    What kind is it? Size, width of seat, big wheels in the back?

    Sorry JenDom09, didn't mean to hijack your thread.
    I'll start a new one..
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