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Thread: portable ramps?

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    portable ramps?

    Looking for a portable ramp that stores easily in a handicapped van. The web sites give lots of information regarding size and weight but not folded size. Any suggestions? Any used ramps out there for sale?

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    Try Rolll-A-Ramp - 866-883-4722, or :}

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    coolbreeze c6/7

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    depends on size needed

    i have small rollup jobs that are good for 1-2 steps and a set of telescoping ramps similar to that used in getting motorcycles, off roaders into the bed of pick up trucks

    they are long though, about 4'-5' in length, untelescoped and can cover 1 step up to about 4, though you need care in using and to be pushed up the two tracks

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    I have a 5ft fold up that fits perfectly in the back of my '07 Town n Cntry minivan. A 6ft would be too big.

    Got mine off ebay at a very reasonable price...As I recall.

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    you`ve got them in differents sizes

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    Bought mine here all sizes and weights are spelled out.
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