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Thread: Bruno Turney-Caroney for sale!

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    Bruno Turney-Caroney for sale!

    Hi everyone,
    We have the Turney-Caroney system for sale. Only $1,500.00 plus shipping. Dan only used for one year, excellent condition. Brand new cost is approx. $9,000.00.
    If interested, email me at

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    Was wondering if you would know if the system would work on a 2005 grand caravan. If so I would defently be interested

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    Hi Steve,
    I honestly do not know the answer to that. Call Bruno. What I have is the Turney with Caroney. Feel free to email me with any questions, and I will keep checking this site as well. I was without a computer for a time, that is why this took so long to respond.

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    Smile turney caroney pictures

    It turns out that we do not have the complete set, we are missing the base that the lifts you into the vehicle. check the attachments below to see exactly what we do have. I hope someone can benefit from the parts we don't use anymore. everything you see is in perfect working condition. they're just dusty from sitting around.

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    Smile vehicle fitment

    the lift base is different for every vehicle, depending on make and model because of the bolt pattern to the seat floor of the vehicle. if you are looking to purchase the complete system it would be cost-effective just to buy the base for your specific vehicle, then purchase these parts at a reduced rate because these are universal to every base.

    thank you and have a better day knowing that someone is going through or went through exactly what you are going through, you end up being a better and stronger person!

    dan, I was the one who suffered the sci. cathy is my awesome mom and wonderful advocate!!!

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