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Thread: I think a tornado hit our house

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    Those are dramatic photos, Rybread -- seeing that large tree tossed on your roof like it was a small branch is a good reminder of how powerful nature can be.

    With those 75 mph winds, you and JenJen definitely got a taste of the power of a hurricane. If that was a sustained wind speed, it's just fast enough to qualify as a Category One storm!

    Again, glad you and yours came through this unharmed. What's it going to take to get the tree off the house and any repairs made?
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    The tree is already gone. They came yesterday, cut it up and took it out of here. They were done pretty quick to. A bunch of tiles are messed up on the roof but I don't think there was any actual damage to the pieces underneath the tile that seal the roof up. Insurance will pay for the tile repair. My stepdad is hoping they do it next week. I least that's what he thinks will happen, of course she's been known to be somewhat of a dummy.
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