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Thread: I think a tornado hit our house

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    I think a tornado hit our house

    It's been rainy and really windy all day, sometimes just a drizzle to some hard-core rain. And the wind has been, according to the news at 38 mph ,but that was an hour and a half before I heard what happened. All of a sudden I heard stuff hitting the Windows and the walls getting pelted with stuff, really loud. The big tree in front of my mom's house, I'm in the guesthouse, got knocked over onto the roof. It was really intense. I heard something going on outside and my dog came to full attention like something major was going on. I thought he was like that just because of the wind hitting the walls and then my sister came over and told me that the big tree in front of the house is now laying on the roof. I'll try to get pictures of it tomorrow for you all to see. That tree has survived monsoon storms for years and monsoon can be pretty intense. I guess we'll see what the news says tomorrow.
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    Oh that sounds scary - I am terrified of tornados. Glad you're ok though.

    And poor tree...

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    Sounds like you had some nasty weather and strong winds, but I doubt it was a true tornado. Believe me, you *know* when a tornado is passing near/over your house -- it sounds and feels like you're inches away from a freight train engine that's barreling past at full power.

    Losing that mature tree is a real bummer. I'm glad, though, that you, your family and any critters you have are unscathed. Hopefully there is very little damage to your home and property.
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    Could've been a microburst.

    We'd get them in my home town often. Rip roofs off of buildings and snap big trees into bits.

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    Ry, there were hurricane-force winds at play on my side of the Valley last night (in the 80's). All that rain and a mighty blow to boot. We had a lot of damage over here but as far as I know, no microbursts were reported through the Valley, "just" high winds. Did you see pix of downtown? yikes!

    Sorry for your tree, I lost a few branches too.
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    Hi Rybread
    I am glad youre ok I am in TX and we get them crazy weather pattern storms here too last night it sounded like a bad storm or train but it didnt touch down . Kept me up all night to say the least . it was no fun .
    Got up @ 7 morning to get ready for the Surgeon and on our way north the clouds were going so fast so low in cross winds it was so visibly weird all swirly it was blowing our truck all over as we went to my Surgeon .

    Rybread Just glad youre all ok Thats the main part of life

    Sincerely ;
    Your Friend

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    It was no tornado, it turned out Scottsdale was getting 75 mph winds. There were trees and power lines down everywhere including the one in front of our house that landed on the roof. Here are some pictures:

    Pretty scary stuff. I got some pictures of the house after the tree was removed but I don't have them on my computer yet. I guess I'll post them next time. I'm just glad it didn't fall in the guesthouse where I live. That roof leaks now.
    C-5/6, 7-9-2000
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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    Glad all are well. Doesn't look like the roof suffered any major damage. Sorry for the tree.

    Everyone in the Keys is an amateur meteorologist. Hurricane season is over, but we can get dramatic weather any month of the year. In late November, a friend lost the bandstand and a very large canopy from his bar on the harbour. It also tossed some boats around. They called it a tornado and reported winds of 120. Thankfully, no one got hurt - and the damage was very localized.

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    Oh, my! The wind and rain kept me awake that night and we didn't get anything close to 75 mph like Scottsdale.

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    We had sustained winds at 30-35 mph most of the afternoon Tuesday with a peak gust of 68. There were trees and semi trucks blown over all over the place. We only lost our phone/internet line for a while.

    Sorry about the tree too - It looks like it was a beautiful one.

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