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Thread: Becky Finn is in the hospital

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    Becky Finn is in the hospital

    She wanted me to let you all know that she's in the hospital. She had an emergency appendectomy and they found she has bleeding ulcers. She won't be able to post, the only way we are in contact is on Yahoo messenger with her cell phone. She and I would appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers. If anyone has anything they would especially like for her to hear, let me know and I will forward the message.
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    Thinking of her and wishing her speedy recovery.

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    Wow. Just in time for finals. That girl just never seems to get a break. Thinking of her and of course wishing her well.
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    That's doubly tough this time of year. Hoping things work out soon and she recovers quickly.
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    Sorry to hear that! Hope she recovers soonest!

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    Get better Becky

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    mend quick!
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    So sorry to hear this - it seems to be one damn thing after an other.

    Get well soon!

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    Hope for a quick recovery
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    It does seem to be one thing after another ... get better soon!
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