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Thread: Bad Rash

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    Bad Rash

    for the last few months i have had a bad rash in my groin i have used several different creams on it and it just seams to be getting worse and spreading i used baby pouder on it and sat in front of the fan for hours to keep it dry any and that had no effect i hope someone can help me

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    Groin rashes are usually from either friction, excessive wetness from sweat or incontinence of urine or from a fungal (yeast) infection.

    If you have excessive moisture-relieve the source, good drying and applying And D ointment daily can help.I don't like powder as it tends to cake up and is hard to get off.

    Fungal infaections are beefy red, have distinct borders of the rash and can have pinpoint red lesions around the edges. (Google search yeast infaeciton and you can probably find a picture). for that you can buy OTC
    cream such as nystatin, clotrimazole.

    Hope that helps.


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    i just got rid of a bad one just like yours, i used wipes w/vinegar every a.m. and p.m. and made sure to keep my gear pulled up from between my thighs when in chair and in bed, also maxi pads between thighs keeps area dry by drawing moisture away...took about a week but all clear now

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    if you can get your doc to prescribe you some ketoconazole cream i believe your problems will be over. a dr give me some for a fungal rash i had on my side. if i start gettin red in the groin area, this stuff knocks it out in a day or two.

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    For both treatment and prevention, try to lay on your back in the frog position at least one hour daily, ideally naked (just cover with a sheet). Wash and dry well first. I recommend this when you first get undressed and into bed. This is good for prevention and treatment of fungal groin "crotch rot" and also is a good position to help maintain your hip external rotation range of motion.


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    When I was wearing briefs (adult diapers) I was getting a rash in the groin area. It was better with using powder (antifungal) to treat but did not go away until I started wearing boxer shorts again. The briefs caused me to sweat alot which probably contributed to not getting rid of it completely.
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    bad rash getting better

    i had some ketozonazole from i don't konow where but it's working 2 days into it and 60% cleared-up and much happer i use 10/325 perks and i was realy go in through them thanks rollin 64

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    Red face Fungal rash help pls


    I also have had a rash similar to this for sometime due to em being over weight and sweating at my new job. I have used ecz.. cream but stopped because it was leaving the infected area too moist. I switched to an over the counter powder but then by doc gave me a script for nystop that I use twice a day. It has been under control since I started using the meds but will not completely go away esp. in my groin area. I also have it under my breast and that is nearly gone. For the most part I just have the markings left, darkened circular patterns. I have also been putting white wash clothes in the affected areas and changing them when i apply the powder (every a.m. and p.m.)and the HELPED GREATLY to absorb the moisture. However i still have the markings and i notice a little itching when powder has worn off or if my skin starts to touch.

    I also used ketaconazole 200mg for a week and then about 2 weeks later my doc put me on it again for 2 weeks but it wont get rid of it comp ( relly does nothing for me).
    HELP HELP HELP PLEASE.....ANYONE......i also started to use a hair dryer to make sure tht i am comp dry after i shower.

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    Do you wash the area every day and dry with a hair dryer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer
    Do you wash the area every day and dry with a hair dryer?
    I know it has been mentioned before in posts but, as Lynnifer mentions hair dryer put an end to any kind of rash for me years ago.

    Naturally have to be careful of heat but really get things dry.

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