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Thread: Traffic Ticket Woes

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    I believe that they require a photo of the driver. the vehicle is not ticketed. this has been an issue with camera tickets and you should be able to search and find more info on your liability.

    I believe absent a photo of you driving you are not responsible.


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    Addie, great minds!


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    It is not fair but as the owner, you are the responible one. It is your insurance too, isn't it? So you should have taken care when she was driving so she did follow the rules.

    I think she could have paid half half with you, but it doesn't matter what I think as long as she is uncle Scrooge, how do you write that?
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    it is a 'moving violation', cannot be written to vehicle

    is written to : registered driver, assumed in foto

    you, were not driving and not in foto..and you can prove this

    they cannot make you recollect who was in fact driving that day, as "many people drive me, sometimes multiple people a day..the foto is not good enuff for me to id who it was"

    end of story

    go to your ticket issuing jurisdiction's website and look up "response to photo summons" and it will give you the optional responses......then google "red light camera ticket in (town) not me driving" and see what others in your town have done

    NO municipality in the us can "make" you pay a fine for a foto summons, that you can prove isn't you

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    I HATE red light cameras. They just passed it here in my little town/county.

    I liked what Dildo said.
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    Try talking to the DA and give the name of the person that was driving. Maybe they can write the ticket out to the guilt person instead of you.

    For me, it would be worth losing her friendship over. She is showing poor ethics, emotional control, and intelligence.

    Not taking a stand on this is a cop out IMO.

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    they can't legally make you give the actual driver's name either

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    There are three options when you get a ticket ... court is one of them!

    But I like you, would probably pay the ticket but not ask for her 'help' again.
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    I don't know what state you are in, but here is the result of someone in Calif who had the same problem:

    Red Light Photo Ticket in California, But I Am Not The Driver

    I just received back clerk’s certificate of mailing from the Superior court of CA, LA
    With a decision and notice of decision attached (trial by written declaration-vehicle code §40902).
    The judge found me NOT GUILTY.

    Here is what I did.

    I filled for trial by written declaration.
    On the second page of the form TR-205 under statement of facts I wrote.
    “Identity, Wrong defendant”

    Nothing more nothing less.

    I provided the court with two attachments
    1. The original ticket picturing my son driving my car.
    2. A color copy of my driver’s license.

    I circle the face of my son and draw an arrow to the date of my birth on my diver license
    and another arrow pointing to the ticket that was indicating that the driver was 60 years old. My son ihe looks like 18 years old.

    I did not provide the info that my son is a twin; I was planning to use it at the trial de novo.
    An additional point that could have been used is that the ticket was not signed by an original signature, only the name of the officer was printed P. Delaney as declarant and his ID No. I am suspecting that no human has reviewed the ticket.

    Do not waist your time by calling the court trying to explain that is not you.
    Ignore the affidavit.
    Just file by written declaration and be ready to go to full court if it does not work for you.

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    I agree, it's a moving violation on her part. If she were to have gotten pulled over that night, she would've gotten the ticket.

    Personally I would explain your situation & that it was definately not you & it could have been a number of people considering. See if you can get out of it on this basis without the pic being clear as well.

    I agree w/ Timaru maybe, esp here @ Christmas the $285 is overwhelming. Still as a friend she should look @ it the same way with you. Fair is fair. Throwing up the fact that it was a favor to you is just wrong too. She wanted to go, she went, used your van & gas to get there too, so pfftt. I feel as "friends" it isn't unreasonable to come to an agreement to split it, although I feel SHE is esponsible for it all. I think she threw you under the bus on this one, I hope her attitude about it changes.

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