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Thread: win2k source leaked?

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    win2k source leaked?

    Does anyone know if this is true? If so, can you hook a brotha up?

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    PN, he's talking about a potential source leak of a portion of the NT/Win2k source code.


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    Thanks, Steven. I have decided that this story should be a new topic. I will remove and then post.


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    Story Microsoft has confirmed the leak.


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    If it was just MS Paint, which is what the story is claiming, its probably not worth your time. There are a number of books out that include source for their 'paint' editor projects. I'm surprized more code hasn't appeared on the internet, since they are using more and more overseas contractors, against whom MS will have a much harder time enforcing their non-disclosure agreements. I've worked for MS in the past as a contractor, and I had access to various core component source for reference. One look at the NDA my company and I were working under and you would understand why I made sure that code was deleted as soon as possible

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    Aquitaine, I agree about it being no big deal if it was just MS Paint, but ... 300,000 files just for MS Paint? That's kinda hard to believe...

    Even if it is just MS Paint, you may be able to see how it is hooked into the Window's innards and extrapolate from there. Who knows, though? Not me...

    BTW, would you be able to share the MS NDA?


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    I think Microsoft has bigger problems than this issue here. I am still waiting for the next critical update. To my knowledge there has not been a critical update since the beginning of December, 2003. When they come out with Service Pack 2, will you install this critical update right away or wait two or three weeks until you know for sure that there are no problems with it?


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    there have already been several exploits written based on the source leak. the ASN1 overflow is one such example. we can expect to see more in the near future.

    the good thing is Microsoft is already acknowledge this and is planning on deviating from their monthly security rollups in order to get patches out quickly.

    ... stay tuned

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    I'll wait a week or three before installing SP2... I always wait a while before installing newly released patches.


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