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Thread: Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch Kid

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    lol those are too funny kld

    Is it just me, or does this look like Sarah Palin as Harry Potter's long lost twin sister?

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    According to the Huffington Report, there is also a SP American Girl Doll:

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    These are hysterical. Usually I shy away from anything having to do with her, but these definitely made me laugh. Shouldn't she be holding a hunting rifle or fishing pole though?

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    Ok, I really have to get back to work. I am banning myself from this thread right now lol
    Yea .... I have been procrastinating over in the Barbie thread.
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    The SP Cabbage Patch pic is hysterical! Actually, the dolls in general are so dead on they nail all that's so awful with her.

    Think I'm most fond of the SP Barbie with skunk hair. Other than the stripe in the hair, that seems to be the best fit.

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    A bobble head is the most appropriate Palin toy..funny!

    I would never get my daughter(if I actually had one) the Palin American Girl doll. Maybe I just despise her too much, idk?!It didn't resemble her imo, HP's sister was a good one though...then she would just need a sword.

    Oh btw, my hubby is highly offended we gather here to make fun of her. Whatever honey, we'll stop..hah!

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    Where can I get that CP doll? Buddy of mine is a huge Republican nut and would love this!

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