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Thread: Irrigation question

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    Irrigation question

    This is for the nurse, unless anyone else has had this situation. I have to irrigate every other day, I have an immune system defeciency and so my bladder is compromised and irrigation is necessary. My question is, how do I sterilize my irrigation syringe, or do I have to purchase a new syringe every time I irrigate??


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    I don't routinely recommend irrigation due to the introduction of bacteria into the bladder but it sounds like your urologist feel it is helpful to you, so I understand you wanting to get the best technique.

    Here is a link on how to do irrigation:

    Re: cleaning your bulb or piston type syringe> Ideally, using a new one is best but this would be very expensive for the frequency you are using. My best recommendation would be cleaning with a 1:10 bleach solution, 1 part bleach 10 parts water before using. You could also contact your urologist to see what practice they recommend.


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    how about those with an augment who produce large amounts of mucous?

    i use a syringe for a week, air drying between usages

    and make my own sterile saline as per the SCI nurses guidelines

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    The link you provided returns a 404-Not Found error, AAD.
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    Try the following: That worked for me.

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    which section of the site? i checked pt ed to no avail.

    i irrigate am/pm to keep the augment mucous to a minimum. otherwise i'd be plugging up caths.

    i rinse/air dry syringe after use, discard after 7 days

    would it be better to store the syringe between uses in anti-bacterial solution, such as bleach/h20 or peroxide/h20?

    soaking for hours, it could be hard to rinse all traces of it before use, with the result of introduction of dangerous chemical elements into the bladder

    perhaps a quick post use rinse in the solution, then air dry

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    Thank you for your quick reply. I'm on Humira, thus the compromised immune system. This may sound like a dumb question, but after I clean the syringe with bleach water, do I rinse it with regular water? I don't want any bleach residue in the syringe.


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    BTW, my Dr. said to boil water for 20 minutes and then dip the syringe and suck the water up into it several times. I was looking for another way and to see if a new one was recommended instead.


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    if you're going to boil, put both sections disassembled in the boiling water and boil for a period of time. i'm not sure, but 5 mins at a rolling boil should be enuf

    if using chemicals, rinse thoroughly, even though tap water is not sterile, which defeats the purpose.

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    Totally agree with Crags. Generally, boiling for 5-10 minutes should kill anything that is in the syringe. Make sure that you pull apart the 2 pieces, and rinse them well prior to boiling. If you are using bleach, you do need to rinse it out.

    Remember, the bacteria that you are around at home are different than those in the community, in that your body is used to them.


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