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Thread: Im new so not sure where to put this. But i slept on my arm and it hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Exclamation Im new so not sure where to put this. But i slept on my arm and it hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has happend to me about 10 times that i can remember. I wake up in the middle of the night after having a horrible dream. When i wake up my arm feels like its not even there. when i try to move it its like rubber. it flops around and i have absolutly no control over it. I've smacked my self in the face on accident. and sometimes it will bend backwards like theres no bone in my arm!!!! Im not lieing!! my girlfiend wont believe me and said to wake her up when it happends again.
    Im scared one time it wont get feeling back and ill have a rubber arm. LOL i know its kinda funny but it scares the hell outta me when it happends.
    I want to know if this happends to anyone else or its just me. And also should i go to the doctors for this?
    If this has happend to you PLEASE write me back. you will know what im talkin about if its happend to you.

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    Do you have a spinal cord injury? Just checking since this is your first post ... most here are paralyzed.
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