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Thread: Cold weather and SCI

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    For me, it is not the cold, it is the sudden flucuations in barometric pressure. Humidity kills me. I spent my life in North Carolina and started tracking my pain days. The days with the highest humidity were the ones that I had to take the most pain medications. I moved to Colorado in 2007 and did not take pain medications as often. However, when a storm was coming in (again the fluctuating pressures), I always felt increased pain. Not so much in Colorado because of the drier air. I am now in Arizona where it is really dry. Rainy days with high humidity still get to me but since they are few and far between, life is much better here. I can still tell when the weather systems make the pressures go haywire though.

    I could handle the really cold weather in Colorado as long as the humidity stayed low. Sometimes even when it would snow, the humidity would stay at 50% or below.

    I think this is why so many people (me included) here have pain when it is cold.

    As far as the ex, you need to do what you have to do for your husbands quality of life. My daughter had friends that flew back and forth to Texas to visit their father from North Carolina. Since you have family there, A judge should be able to see the benefits of a move there. Good luck
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    The humidity does make sense. Also on rainy days I have noticed that he is in more pain. Thanks for for input and I can only hope for the best.

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    Cold weather sucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by canuck View Post
    Come to Salmon Arm, it's a balmy -16, -20 with the windchill.
    I feel your pain! Tried living back in Nova Scotia in the early 90s but only lasted four years. It must be tempting for you to pack it in and move to the coast.

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