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Thread: Cold weather and SCI

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    Cold weather and SCI

    My husband is a c-7. Recently he has been talking about moving to a warmer climate because the cold and snow makes his pain worse. The good thing is that I am from Texas and all my family is from there. So deciding where to move is not an issue. The problem is that i have two kids (10 and 11)from a previouse marriage. Moving would mean having to battle with there father. Not to long ago we went to court so i could have residential custody becuase he has some issue that were negativley reflecting on the kids. I won the battle and got them the school year. Anyways I know moving would open up a whole new issue with there father. I want to prepare on how to explain to the courts how my husbands health is affected by the weather. I am not sure how cold weather can increse pain with SCI. Is there anyone who has gone through this or has some suggestions.

    Another issue is that Maine has horrible healthcare. My husband has recurring UTI's and we cant find anyonw who specialized in or understands SCI.
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    for me, cold = more pain

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    I live in the southern region, but it gets chilly still. I don't have pain, but I get so stiff.... Guess being stiff kind of hurts too.

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    i live in nyc and as soon as it hit 60 in about mid sept. i froze. i cant ever warm up. its painful, its in my bones it feels i guess. people touch me and i can feel their warmth but then they tell me im no warmer/colder than them. i cant even function until i warm up. im a c6/7 quad. UTIs just drink plenty of water and i find that beer flushes me good, oh and cranberry concentrate in capsule or pill it keeps the infection from sticking to the bladder walls.

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    Cold = more pain for me too, but not sure if there is much information out there other than anecdotal. People are posting about it all the time here, so it is certainly common.

    Northern or Southern Maine? There should be some good doctors in Boston, if you are in the southern section.
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    The cold increased my spasms and UTIs for some unexplained reason.
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    There's more than just anecdotal info out there. Here's an eMedicine article that states cold weather exacerbates spasticty from SCI, and here's a paper (PDF format) that states the majority of people with Central Pain suffer from cold allodynia and exacerbation by cold weather (See the top of page 4.). Hope they help!
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    1,788's been snowing in TX all week. I'm in OK and its been miserable as of late, the others seasons are very pleasant though.
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    I would get a letter from his doctor stating how the cold weather is a detriment to his health (name the conditions). Followed up by how moving to a warmer climate will alleviate these medical conditions.

    Sometimes I will sort of write up the letter and then present it to my doctor.
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    sweet25lips i live in maine also and the cold weather sends my pain right over the edge!! what part of maine are you in? i'm north east.

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