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Thread: Buys of the Week

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    Metro, that is Awesome!!!


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    deal is dead, they riased the price to 200 for the monitor.. goota move quick on te dell hot deals, they change them real quick... but will fulfill the ones ordered,, people see the hot deals advertised dont realize that they dell has upped the price 100 bucks or so, and keep ordering anyhow.. is the place to learn shopping techniques..

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    Dark Tip: Dark Deals
    Here are the best deals Kevin found during his latest foray on the Internet. Act now!

    Kevin Rose


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    Barracuda 160GB, 7200RPM, Internal SATA/150 Hard Drive
    Manufacturer Seagate
    Price: $99.99*
    after: $20.00 instant rebate(s)
    $50.00 mail-in rebate(s)



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    they are closing them out.. this was already listed in the target clearance thread but thought it might deserve it's own since many dont look at it.

    palm zire 19.98 at target

    also the fellows hard case for zire is coming up 3.70

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    VERY HOT-Nikon Coolpix 5400 at OD B&M $249

    IN STORE ONLY. Stores have been selling out very quickly. I bought one at 11:00 in San Diego.

    OD has the Coolpix 5400 on clearance in store for $299. Use one of the OM $50 off coupons and get it for $249. On line price is $699.

    Here is an OM link. The stores will except the coupon.

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    This is not specific but lots of deals here:

    saw a Palm M515 @ $64.00
    Palm Organizer - Model Zire 71 @ 110.00
    Handspring Visor Organizer @ $12.00

    "I guess pain is a great motivator."- Yanni

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    You can find some good to average deals on this Dell Small Business Website.



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    Using Online-Coupons before you make your purchase.



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    They have deals of the day, best prices of most, and I shop around. Bought a "G" wireless network setup today, $152 (card and router).

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