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Thread: Buys of the Week

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    oh i forgot to mention, yes its small bussiness but i have ordered and received from them before no problem, no tax id etc is needed , i am a consultant and pot stirrer , after all
    just make sure you give them your name as the business, the rebate check are made out to the bussiness name, they want to sell computers,
    also once you get your first small business computer, they will always send you coupon codes for special deals on small business

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    Metro: Thanks again.


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    the dell deal is dead , i just saw it rated as that on fat wallett. even though it was to expire on the 10th...
    sometimes if they sell enough they close the deal early

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    Metro: Thanks for the update. It was a really good deal. We'll have to start looking for another one.


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    culled from the slick deals site / slick deals

    this may come in handy for someone
    i think you can basically plug anything into it and use the remote control to turn it on and off has the X10 home lighting by remote or PC starter kit for free + $6 shipping. They've been offering this for years. It's a decent starter kit for the price.
    Firecracker Computer Interface
    Palm Pad Remote Control
    Lamp Module

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    lcd monitor arm

    this might come in handy,seems it would be good to swing a monitor out of the way, and position if there is a place to properly mount it.

    lcd monitor arm
    $99.00 (Reg $119.00) shipping is high though $17, but still be worthwhile to some
    Use Coupon Code: GEEKARM
    New, Retail Boxed, 1-Year Warranty

    The Office Innovations Radial Arm is a space saving mounting solution for your flat panel monitor! It helps create more space in your work area by allowing for more flexiblity in viewing and storage! Your monitor can be adjusted up to eye level thereby eliminating the need too bend your neck and head! The arm attaches to any VESA standard flat panel monitor and attaches to most office furniture! This special version was originally made for IBM for it's NetVista series of monitors (so it includes the hard to find (and very expensive) X Mount for use with IBM NetVista flat panel monitors) and it also has standard backplates for mounting VESA standard flat panel montors as well (see link below to see if your flat panel monitor is VESA compatible)! These are like new unused customer returns and are in excellent condition!


    Arm can be extended up to 24-inches

    LCD arm can be position with a touch of a finger

    Arm rotates at 360-degrees

    Cable channeling to eliminate wire tangles

    Hardware attaches to most tables and desks

    3-inch (75mm) VESA mounting plate included

    4-inch (100mm) VESA mounting plate included

    X Bracket also included for attaching IBM NetVista X series monitors

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    Dell Dimension 2400 for $349

    "You'll need to act quickly on this deal, because it expires today (March 17, 2004). Dell is offering a fairly loaded Dimension 2.66-GHz Pentium 4 PC for less than $350. It comes with Windows XP Professional, 256MB RAM, and an 80GB hard drive. It'll only cost you $349 after a mail-in rebate."


    Tech TV


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    Originally posted by Paul Nussbaum:

    Dell Dimension 2400 for $349
    (March 17, 2004). Dell is offering a fairly loaded Dimension 2.66-GHz Pentium 4 PC for less than $350. It comes with Windows XP Professional, 256MB RAM, and an 80GB hard drive. It'll only cost you $349 after a mail-in rebate." PN

    yes its a good deal, i was watching it , it was almost the same deal as 2 weeks ago, but than they offered you a 17inch lcd monitor for a extra 220, been holding out for a deal loke that is tricky they are always changing the specs around, here they raised it to xp pro, double the ram for free and double the hd for free, not bad for 349 with free shipping!
    i find too to keep an eye out for the USB thumb drives , you can get 64mb drives for around $20 after rebates, so much easier than the floppys

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    Metro, I did like that 17 in. Flat-panel LCD. We will have to keep looking for another great deal!


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    hot deal , wont last ,

    dell Biz: Dimension 4600 desktop P4-2.8GHz + 17in LCD $498 shipped AR, Expiring deal talk
    Exp 3/24. Dell Small Business has free Double Memory OR up to $200 Rebate + Free LCD Upgrade on select desktops. Tax for most states. Consumers can also order, use your name as the business name.

    Hotter with $150 drop on 3/23! The 17in LCD alone costs about $400, Hury, it probably will be pulled soon. Dell Dimension 4600 desktop w/ P4-2.8GHz 533MHz, 17in E172fp LCD, 256MB DDR, 40GB, Free 16x DVD-ROM + 48x CD-RW, Integrated 5.1 Channel Audio, NIC, XP Home for $698 - $100 instant discount - $100 rebate = $498 w/ free shipping (sign in and select ground shipping).
    xp bargains

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