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Thread: Buys of the Week

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    Buys of the Week

    Buys of the Week: Recently Lewis informed us that the ANC 600 head set could be purchased for $19. I was about to purchase this same headset for about $50 and because of this great find by Lewis, he saved me $30. If anyone else comes across a "deal" that is close to being too good to be true, can you, please, post the information on this topic?


    I heard about this deal this morning on a new hard drive. Today l/31/04.

    Seagate 200GB / 7200 / 8MB / 8.5 / ATA-100 EIDE Hard Drive.

    99 dollars

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    Found by Lewis: ANC 600 headset for $19 instead of $50.

    ANC 600

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    This was featured on the Screen Savers, Feb.4, 2004, by Kevin Rose.

    Dell Dimension PE400SC Server for $274.
    APC Back-UPS 500VA for $20.

    Dark Tip


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    Dell Small Business has the PowerEdge P4 2.26GHz system for $299 after $100 rebate w/ free shipping. The option to upgrade to a 2.4GHz 800FSB is $49 more.
    expires today, no operating system...but can worrk as desktop with one, read comments on site

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    Dell Biz: Dimension 4600 desktop P4-2.8GHz 512MB DVD CDRW+ 17in CRT $598 shipped, Last Day
    Dell Biz: Dimension 2400 desktop P4-2.53GHz 256MB 40GB CDRW $349 shipped AR, Last Day
    Dell Home: Hot digital camera deals w/ 10% + $30 coupon + upto $100 drop, Last Day

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    Saturday, February 28, 2004

    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB Special Edition - Hard drive - 120 GB : Top seller!

    Our Price: $99.99 You Save: $399.01

    The WD Caviar 120 GB Special Edition is equipped with an 8 MB buffer - the largest buffer available today in a 7200 RPM desktop EIDE hard drive, delivering data to users faster than any hard drive in its class.


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    I got a Dell 4600 with a flat screen monitor and I Love it!!!!!!!!!!

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    If you have a home office or need a multipurpose
    printer that can do it all, I highly recommend
    the Brother MFC-5200C. For the price ($214),
    you can't beat what it can do. What I really
    like is the capability of printing/scanning
    legal size documents, there just isn't anything
    that does all this for this price, see it here:

    I've had one for about 3 months now, and I get
    faxes at all hours, so its up 24/7, hasn't had
    a hickup. It even prints (with good paper)
    photos reasonably fast, as well as printing out
    directly from camera memory cards like compact
    flash, smartmedia, sony memory stick, etc.

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    ends on the 10th
    thats a 17inch flat panel lcd monitor
    or the DELL computer alone for $349
    dell Hot desktop deal! Dell Dimension 2400 desktop w/ P4-2.66GHz 533MHz, Dell 17" E172FP LCD, 128MB DDR, free 80GB, 48x CD-RW, Integrated Audio, NIC, XP Home for $769 - $200 rebate = $569 w/ free shipping.

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    Addendum: I did call Dell this morning, 3/7/04 and this special is for small businesses. This still a very good deal and I can make this purchase through my brother who does have a small to medium size business. I will talk to Dell tomorrow.

    Metro, that is one hot deal!

    Thank you


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