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Thread: new recovery

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    new recovery

    i started working out again 3 days ago i can already see return. my wife helps me move my legs. it is like i am teaching my body to work again the harder we work the more return we see. i can also walk on the walker alot better. i don't have as much tone in my legs when we work out. im 13 months post injury and i am getting a lot of return.
    keep your head up!

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    That's awesome. Keep up the hard work.

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    Keep moving forward, you're doing great!
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    Congrats. I'm sure you'll see even more. Although mine was just sensory, I noticed my greatest return in my second & third year. Keep it up ,your wife too..she can be your biggest cheerleader!

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    You've got the right idea. I didn't get any return in my right leg til about 14-16 months out, I'm 2-1/2 yrs now, can stand and get stuff outta the cupboard(w/o braces). I've got full legs and calf's, and you will too. Keep working out, you'll get it. Good job. It's not the same thing, but it gets as good as it's gonna get, go for it.

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    awesome, keep up the good work... kudos to the wife, too!

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