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Thread: Anyone here take Vesicare for Bladder spasms?

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    Anyone here take Vesicare for Bladder spasms?

    For many years i suffered with chronic dysreflexia and nothing helped, it was ruining my life. Well, awhile ago i was given Vesicare to try and it did absolute wonders for my bladder spasms and dysreflexia. Lately though, it really seems to be having a side effect of making me tired a lot and stuff like my arms feel all heavy. I take it before bed and when i wake up, i often feel like i barely slept even if i slept great. I need to take naps now. My arms feel heavy sometimes and transferring is harder to do. I'm less spastic also compared to when i just took Baclofen. I don't get the random 2-5 boners a day like i used to.

    I love how much better Vesicare has made my life by not having chronic dysreflexia. The constant sweating, dick burning, and terrible headaches from the dysreflexia made my life miserable. That said, it taking some adjustment to be tired feeling like this. Does anyone else here take Vesicare and also get the same side effects?

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    I took it a while ago and it did calm the bladder-storm, but I couldn't stand the side effects. I guess you have to decide what you want to deal with the least. With SCI everything is a GD compromise.

    Good luck

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    I was recently switched from Detrol LA to Vesicare. So far I'm not sure it works any better for the spasms but I have only been on it 2 weeks. I haven't noticed a change in how tired I feel, but Detrol made me feel groggy also. I am also under a lot of stress right now in life so I thought that may be a reason. I thought I'd see how I feel in a few weeks when this storm has passed and decide what it is.

    Herco did you have side effects aside from the tired feeling?
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    I dont have any side effects if I take the pill during the day. If I take the pill at night, my mouth is dry. Vesicare has least side effects for me.

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    Some bladder meds can be instilled directly into the bladder, which should cause fewer systemic side effects. Not sure if vesicare is one of them tho.

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    My husband took it...made him sweat all night the point where he was soaked. We decided to try a different medication.
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    I tried Vesicare but it did not help me as far as leaking etc. I hate to sound like a broken record but I have been taking two Toviaz daily now for almost three months and I have not leaked a drop and have reduced my cathing from an average of 7 times a day to 4 and I am really happy with these results. The dry mouth and other side effects common with other bladder meds also seem to be less as well

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    Vesicare did nothing for me but make my lower back ache. I quit it twice and started it again ... definitely related to back aches for me!

    Detrol LA works much better for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Vesicare did nothing for me but make my lower back ache. I quit it twice and started it again ... definitely related to back aches for me!

    Detrol LA works much better for me.
    It's weird how each drug seems to affect everyone differently. When i was on Detrol, i had no side effects, but it didn't help the bladder spasms. The Vesicare kills the bladder spasms, but the side effects are rough. Uggggg.

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    i take Vesicare and no more spasms.
    I take too many pills to know what does what.

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