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Thread: Paris and Munich in May

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    Paris and Munich in May

    Our 2010 Executive MBA graduation class from the University of Calgary will be traveling to Paris then Munich May 1 - 12th next year
    Out of all the potential combinations of cities this was a good one for me.

    If we have any members that live in Paris or Munich or who have traveled there I would love to hear from them.
    You can send me a PM and I will give you my email address. That would be great.
    I am looking forward to doing a little traveling next year.


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    i went to paris this summer. we'll talk.

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    I went to paris in 2008 and to Munich last September. Just tell me what you need to know and I´ll try to help!

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    We visited Munich and part of Bavaria (Linderhof and Neuschwanstein castles) 3 years ago.
    In Munich we slept at the Mercure City Centre, which had a great handicap room, with grab bars fixed in the points where you actually need them (pretty unusual in hotels) and a huge roll-in shower. The room itself was huge and very beautiful. The only minor issue was the ramp at the entrance, some help might be needed since it was a bit steep.
    In case you want to visit the Neuschwanstein castle, I suggest you to take specific info before you go. When we went, a special visit for wheelchairs users was available (and necessary), but only after the closing time of the castle and only on one day of the week, and only for 5 wheelchair users at a time (plus their companion of course). A reservation was needed.
    Linderhof was not accessible at all. The visit of the building begins up a long staircase, and the garden paths are all covered with gravel. So, much help will be needed.
    We slept in Hohenschwangau at the hotel Mueller. They did not have any handicap room, but they had a room we were able to use anyway.
    I have pictures of room and bathroom of both hotels in case someone is interested.
    If you need any info, just contact me.
    We are planning to visit Paris in spring.

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