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Thread: Roommate Rant

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    Roommate Rant

    Never, EVER again. In fact, I am writing this here so that if I ever get weak in the future and feel the need to give in, someone can pull this thread up and shove it in my face.

    I have lived with single, girl roommates before and also a group of girls when I first started law school. Last year, for the first time since I moved out of my parents place, I decided to live alone. I had been in a relationship in the beginning of the year, so I appreciated the privacy that not having a roommate afforded me. However, it ended shortly after school started, and I ended up alone. It got lonely. And pricey. So I decided this year, I would take on a room mate.

    A friend presented a unique opportunity in that he would only be here for the fall term, and so I could have a trial period of having a male roommate for four months, and then get a new one, come January. All I can say is that these have been the longest four months of my life. What a huge, frickin' mistake.

    First of all, the guy's mess managed to creep out of his bedroom, all over the kitchen, onto my couch, living room table and kitchen table. At first, I would clean up, because I'm a clean person. After I eat a meal, I usually put the dishes in the sink or in the dishwasher. I would wake up some mornings and find his meal from the night before sitting on the table. Whatever he used to cook would be everywhere, on the kitchen stove, on the counter.

    He uses my WINE glasses for drinking water! And he goes through ten glasses in a half hour, filling one up, taking a few sips and then leaving it wherever he sat.

    And his volume! Holy crap, his volume. There is no concept of volume control for this man. I live at the end of a very, very long hallway which leads to the front foyer of the apartment complex. One night, I came from a night out, and I entered the front door, OF THE BUILDING, and could hear him talking to someone on his phone in our unit. Everything this man does is LOUD, including eating. I study in my bedroom because it's the only clean place in the unit, and I can hear him eating and drinking [and farting] with my door closed. His girlfriend came over one weekend in the beginning of the term, and not only did the chick leave her nasty ass panties on my kitchen floor, I had to hear their awkward sex noises for the entire weekend. I nearly vomited.

    The dude was also crashing on a futon of mine in the second bedroom and didn't use sheets during his sexcapades. Needless to say, I chatted with him afterwards and told him to get the mattress cleaned or replaced before he left. Nasty ass motha.

    So tonight, as I sit here, cooped up in my room, trying to finish a term paper, he arrives, talking on his cell phone. He takes the call into the bathroom, does his business, flushes, and walks out without washing his hands. I'm guessing this isn't the first time. He comes out, opens my fridge, rummages through the stuff and then sits down on the couch.

    I have never been a germaphobe. I'm not anal retentive about keeping a place spotless. Places are made to be lived in. But living with this guy has nearly pushed me over the edge. I'm not going to generalize by saying this must be a guy thing because my ex, and all the other guys I've dated were never this nasty. My brother was never this bad, nor was my father.

    I've already started a count-down to when I can kick this guy out and completely disinfect my place. Bleh. One thing that I did learn is never room with friends. It'll likely break your friendship.

    That is all. Thanks for listening.

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    That sucks.

    I learned this same lesson a long time ago.

    Some people are friggin nasty.
    No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out

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    It's like a marriage with the wrong person after 5yrs. lol

    I'm sorry ... but I don't know any clean guys at all! Prepare to pick up after them if you want to be involved at all in any way, shape or form.
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    The lodger from hell. Will you tell him? It'd be good for him to see this post - it's hard to believe that someone can be so clueless about being so revolting to live with?? It seems like he is though. And if he isn't, then it means he doesn't give a shit which is even worse.
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    My son is cleaner than I am, and I am a clean freak I thought. He moved out and some messes remained, so I had to figure it was me all along lol.

    A set of kitchen tongs dedicated to nasty ass panty collection may be a good idea, and leave them on his dirty dishes in the middle of his bed.

    He is probably loud because he is deafer than a post. (too bad you can't turn your hearing on and off for self preservation.) More likely he just doesn't care.

    Some people are just inconsiderate and rude. I live alone by choice and the fact that my gun collection would begin to look like a solution.

    January can't come fast enough for you I bet. My deepest sympathies.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    It's like a marriage with the wrong person after 5yrs. lol

    I'm sorry ... but I don't know any clean guys at all! Prepare to pick up after them if you want to be involved at all in any way, shape or form.
    I was thinking exactly the same thing
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Funny thing!

    Ha! After reading Skippy's response, I realized the reason I had originally posted this was to get your opinion. My personality is such that I'm pretty much an open book. If something pisses me off, I don't let it simmer and then explode. My reaction is generally blow up immediately, talk it through, and forget about it the next day.

    That being said, for the sake of keeping things civil, I've been biting my tongue for the most part and then just bitching to my family about it. [Poor family, I usually barely step foot into my parents' place before I unleash a tirade against this guy.]

    There were a couple of times where he really messed up and I couldn't hide my left eye twitching from anger. The panties and sex stained mattress was one. I had even mentioned before his gf arrived that I could take off for the weekend as my cousin also lives in the city and I could crash at her place if he wanted his privacy. I really didn't want to hear their awkward sex [trust me, based on the random, sporadic yet painfully loud squeaking of the futon springs, the brotha has no rhythm], or come across anything and I was pretty clear about that. He assured me that he would be respectful of our shared space and then did the exact opposite. BLEGH. UGHHH. YUCKAH. *shiver* The worst part of it is that he went through my music collection and blasted my Radiohead while they messed around on my couch. I couldn't leave my bloody room the entire time she was here. And now I can't listen to Kid A without shuddering with repulsive memories.

    I also caught him using my dish towels that I dry CLEAN dishes with, to mop up a spill on the floor, USING HIS NASTY ASS FEET which would have been fine, I guess, IF HE HADN'T HUNG THE TOWEL BACK UP instead of throwing it in the dirty pile. I am so glad I walked out when I did, because I took the towels and threw them in the washer immediately, making some excuse about them needing to be washed. After that, I became painfully aware of the fact that there was a lot that went on while I wasn't there and I had to be careful every time I chose to eat my food.

    I remember one time I had come across this AMAZING cheese at our local grocery store. It was ridiculously expensive, so I bought a very small chunk of it. I was pretty excited about it, so when he got home from class, I mentioned that I had finally found it. This was early on in the year, so I was still trying to be a nice room mate. I told him he HAD to try some of it just to experience how incredible it was. So he pulled it out of the fridge and said to me, "Wow, you didn't waste any time polishing it off, did you? There's, like, nothing here!" Asshole didn't realize that I had only broken off one small piece of it, and that there wasn't much to begin with.

    Anyways, I could go on. Basically, he leaves in about a week. He's apparently going traveling before he starts his work term next semester, so he isn't planning on moving his stuff out at the end of December. He says he'll pack his things up and push them to one side of the room and then come by and pick them up in January before he starts work. The problem is I was planning on setting up the second room over the holidays, both for my guests who come to town to visit and also move in some rehab equipment like my standing frame. I can't do any of this because his crap will still be here.

    Should I tell him, "Too bad, Son, move yer stuff", or should I just remain civil, knowing that he will be out of my hair for good next term, and just deal with the temporary annoyances?

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    Oh I shouldn't laugh, but it makes me remember my "roommate from hell" - but it was a teenage girl I took in (over 18). I remember the days of throwing wet nasty (giant!) panties on her pillow. Along with other garbage.

    Sad part was - her bed was such a mess - she never noticed!

    Some of what you say is most guys - I could absolutely see many guys doing the dish towel thing (ugh). Oh heck, a few germs just stimulate our immune systems and make us strong. Don't they say kids actually benefit from eating dirt?

    Seriously, it sounds like an incredible hassle - I am so glad it's almost over.

    If you really need the space for guests etc., why not just nicely ask him if he could please get a storage area or something, you'd really need the room over the holidays? Doesn't seen unreasonable.

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    you describe this guy as a friend, so I can see why you haven't wanted to have it out with him. But, it doesn't sound like these last four months have improved your friendship. What if you got to lose? Tell them under no uncertain terms that his crap has to be moved out the same time he leaves. You know he will use your place to store stuff for some indeterminable time.

    If you still don't want to get into his face, make up something about someone moving in immediately after he goes. But if I were you I would marshal all my outrage and lay down the law (also good practice in being a lawyer, telling people things they don't want to hear ). It will feel good

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    I agree with Wesley - tell him his stuff has to go when he goes, nothing left behind. I think I'd also try to find a 'nice' way to tell him he is a slob and hell to share with! Why should he be left in ignorance of how awful the last 4 months have been for you? Maybe he'll smarten up his act a bit and not inflict all this on the next roommate he has.

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