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Thread: My 2 year old won't stay in bed

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    My 2 year old won't stay in bed

    7 -8 days ago Cecil started getting out of bed during nap and bed time. He cracks the door open and says (in his cute little voice) "no bed time", "want to play" or "eat time" and I or my wife calmly direct him back to bed (usually without saying a word). My oldest did the same thing when he was 2 but after a couple days/nights of being sent back to bed he learned that he wasn't going to get what he wanted and stopped. Cecil seems more determined and not ready to give up .

    I can't keep this little squirt in bed and am seeing no signs of progress! Any tips or suggestions?

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    Don't give in
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    Yep, keep at it. My three year old started getting up way to early. We got her a clock and she knows her numbers, now she mostly stays in bed till it's the number for wake up time.

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    My son was taught that if he was awake before "wake up time" he could read his books or talk to his animals but he had to stay in bed until "wake up time" We kept a pile of board books where he could reach and he learned to be content and quietly entertain himself.
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    It sounds like you are doing the right thing to me!

    When mine were small, we told them they didn;t have to go right to sleep, they could look at books or play with a quiet toy (doll, teddy .... that sort of thing) in bed for as long as they wanted, but they had to stay in bed. This worked well most of the time. (At least colored by the rosy glasses of memory). They would end up falling asleep shortly, often with an open book in their hands. If they didn;t fall asleep at naptime, at least they (you?) had a quiet rest. But I think giving them some control - by telling them they didn;t have to go to sleep - worked better than "Go to sleep, NOW!!" WHich I KNOW I certainly tried too.

    But stick with what you are doing, and be consistent! If you give in even once, you will reinforce the fact that if he is persistent, you will eventually give in!

    Oh, and we used to leave s sippy cup with water next to their beds, it helped with the "I need a drink of water" bit. My oldest used to wake in the night a lot, and we finally figured out it was b/c he was thirsty. Even as an older kid, we would hear him get up at night, and stumble to the bathroom for a drink. He was just a thirsty kid I guess. Might want to skip this if you are trying to get rid of bedtime diapers tho'.
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    I gave up my oldest after three hours every night for three month. I was standing outside his door waiting for him to come out again and did put him back to bed. Some children are more stubborn than other
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    Last night he was up 20 or more times from 7pm - 2:30am. I finally put him in his old crib for containment. Boy did he hate that .

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    I would have done the same.

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    Black Duck brand duct tape? The black stuff doesn't leave tape residue all over the child.

    Hang in there LC. It's hard, but you need to be impeccably consistent. Giving in (rewarding) randomly is the surest way to reinforce any behavior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LooseCannon View Post
    Last night he was up 20 or more times from 7pm - 2:30am. I finally put him in his old crib for containment. Boy did he hate that .
    Wonder what tonite will bring? Is the bed new for him?

    Maybe he needs to go back in the crib for a bit? Or a baby gate on the door, he can get out of bed, but not leave the room?
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