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Thread: Blood pressure issues, I'm scared

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    Blood pressure issues, I'm scared

    I've been having problems lately when I get out of bed getting really lightheaded. I know my blood pressures been going well, 70/40 kind of area, but today it got really bad, really lightheaded, so when I went to the doctors office I had them take my blood pressure. It was 51/35 and my pulse was 69. It one up later but not a whole lot and finally by the end of the day ended up at 90/60 which is perfect for me. But my blood pressure going that low kind of scared the hell out of me. What could be causing it. I think I have a bladder infection, actually I'm pretty sure I have a bladder infection, but would that cause my blood pressure to go low? I would think it would go higher because of dysreflexia but I'm not getting any of that, just really low spurts where even sometimes putting my head up in bed gets me a little bit lightheaded. I don't have any compression stockings and they stopped selling them at Walgreens so I don't know what to do about that. What the hell is going on with me? I'm scared and confused.
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    I get like that once in a while and it is scary as hell. I still haven't figured out what causes it, but water, compression socks and an abdominal binder seem to help. Don't drink too much water though, because you'll cause an electrolyte imbalance- maybe you can drink pedialyte or similar.

    My pulse has dropped as low as 36-38 bpm..... talk about weird.

    I've found decent compression socks at Kmart in the sock aisle. $4.99 Get er done.

    Hang in there!


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    Do you have a CVS drugstore - they are very good.

    Or try calling around to any other pharmacy that might have them - even Walmart, Target, or as above, Kmart.

    Or a medical supply store.

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    Do you drink fluids with electrolytes? Poweraid? Gatoraid?
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    Are you still dealing with an infected wound? I was sick like that when I had osteo.
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    I actually fainted from the same yesterday. I think mine was b/c I hadn't drank much plus I have a uti too. I would almost bet yours could be related to not getting up very much.

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    Infections and other body stresses will worsen hypotension. The best short term ways to deal with it is to stay well hydrated (caffeine helps, as does salt) and to use an abdominal binder if possible. Research has shown that compression stockings do not do much unless they are waist high, panty hose like. As soon those infections are brought under control, you will feel the improvement in your bp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quad79 View Post
    I actually fainted from the same yesterday. I think mine was b/c I hadn't drank much plus I have a uti too. I would almost bet yours could be related to not getting up very much.
    Absolutely! When I was in bed 6 wks w/o getting up, I didn't think I'd every be able to stay up again. Ryan I'm still that way. There's a name for it. It's been on the board before. I take midodrine 30 minutes before I get up every morning to raise my blood pressure. You need to raise your bed everyday to acclamate your bp.

    Sorry you fainted Shannon. That's very scarey. (hugs)

    Praying you get better Ryan.

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    I agree with those above. Postural hypotension is the term (You can search it) and most people improve by gradually elevating your head higher before you get up for the day, wearing TED hose and abdominal binder and drink fluids prior to getting up.

    For more severe BP drops, you may benefit from taking Midodrine 30 min prior to getting up. Hypotension usually occurs more with high quads.

    And yes, if this is something you never experienced before and you are having bladder symptoms, it could be a sign of a UTI. Though many people experience this without any infection going on.


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    Oh yea, you can take Sudafed to raise it too. The good stuff behind the counter though. Atleast that is what my physiatrist used in rehab when they wouldn't give me Dopamine.

    I also have noticed mine mostly happens from a) too much tramadol or b) when I wait to eat anything too late or c) not drinking enough water.

    Thanks Mona. I happened to be at my parents. I told my dad I knew it was low bp so I just sat in front of the table b/c I felt it coming. He took it & it was 55/35! I think it was totally my fault for waiting until 2:30 to eat & not keeping up drinking either. I always forget "we" need better maintenence.

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