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Thread: Amanda Knox case

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    Amanda Knox case

    Is anyone following this case? I'm interested in what the people of CC think. Do you think she did it? What is the thing that convinced you of your opinion? I can't say I know that she is innocent or Guilty, but I don't think she is guilty of this crime. There is some stuff against her, but the majority of the evidence against her doesn't give me reason enough to believe she is Guilty. I can't stand the people that believe she is guilty just because "She was doing cartwheels while she was at the police station". People grieve in different ways and I don't think a Guilty person would do cartwheel to hide their guilt. If any of the people on the Jury believe that is reason enough to put her away, they should be shot..IMO.

    Please share you opinion. If you don't know anything about the case, the links below will cover most of the stories.

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    I don't know if she was a part of the murder or not. But, I think it's wrong that the prosecutor is seeking solitary life imprisonment. My understanding of his scenario is that this was a sex and drug fueled spontaneous event which I think would be considered second-degree murder in the US.

    The news accounts I've read recently don't look good for her acquittal.

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    I think that the scariest part of this is that her parents are under investigation just for speaking out against the police.

    I was going to go to Italy as part of my european vacation next year, but I won't now because of that. I think that I wil leave Italy off of my plans and just visit traveling exhibitions when they hit other countries instead. Mama can't do no jail time.
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    I have spent a good bit of time in U.S. courts in various capacities. One thing I learned is to never try to judge a case by the media bits and pieces presented to the public. Often, it is the large amount of evidence that the public never sees that determine the outcome of the trial.
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    I was watching CNN this afternoon, and all three legal experts said that she was not guilty. All I can say is that the attorneys did not have a dog in this hunt.
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    What I gathered from watching 48 Hours tonight was the jury conviction was based more on her character than evidence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    It might as well be life. I haven't followed anything more than the basic story line, but it would totally suck to be her right now.

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    Whether she did or whether she didn't...............

    Amanda Knox trial: the unanswered questions

    Despite the convictions of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, a string of questions about the murder of Meredith Kercher remain unanswered.

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    She got 26 and her boyfriend got 25. It sounds like this is something that normally happens in Italy all the time and she will probably be released on appeal or at least get a reduce sentence. The prosecutor said he had the murder & 2 weeks later they caught the real guy. He didn't want to look bad because he was indicted on another case, so he had to stick to his case about Knox being the murder and made up a storey about what happen. When the defense proved his theory wrong, he made up another one.

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