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Thread: Lokomat experiences

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    Lokomat experiences

    Hi all, I am going up to Boston at the Spaulding rehab center dec 28th to get evaluated for the use of the lokomat therapy. Does anyone have experience with them at all? Also possibly what to expect and maybe some tips on the experience as well? Thanks.

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    Stretch, ROM, whatever you do to limit your spasms/tone will help. It's a sensitive machine and doesn't take much to trigger it off. Pedaling and standing frame exercises help me out. Oh and wear snug fitting briefs, the harness is very tight in all the wrong places.

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    Very cool. Yeah i hear the harness is not too roomy for the boys haha

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    yea, just a little tone and it shuts down.....and the harness is definitly not male friendly......alot of time spent , putting harness on,, getting connected to machine,, at one point u are actually hanging off ground... entering data,, then if u have tone, reset machine,,,, sometimes a leg strap comes loose,, gotta stop to fix,, alot of constant adjusting........then get unhooked from machine,,then harness patient.....its a process....
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    So today I went up to Spaulding rehab for my evaluation for the lokomat. The outcome was not what I expected. I was super spazzy and my tone was the enemy of me. With the holidays and all I guess I was alittle lax on my stretches and leg exercises or must have been an off day or some thing. So after all I am not a candidate for the lokomat which I was really hoping for as I am able to move my toes and have slight quad and hip flexor movements.

    They did scheduel me for a few weeks of follow up therapy and are in the process of getting me some long leg braces (KAFO'S) I am 8 months out and was hoping for the best for return, but I guess I just need to accpet where I am at now and move on. I might be ranting on here later haha thats all for now.

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    WAR, you are only 8 mos. post. and can wiggle your toes. Dang you are well ahead of many others already. DONOT accept where you are now. Get out there and do as much as you can to maximze what you have. Go find a rehab that has an FES bike, get a trainer to help you with form and function as you work out. Do whatever it takes to make you stronger.
    I have a friend who could only lift his right hand a little 9 mos. post. 8 years later, he can stand, is independent and can take steps in the pool. He was injured at 70 years old and to this day works out like the "retired" Marine he is. Remember where doors close others open .

    Don't worry about ranting, that's what CC is about, we are here to listen and support. Now get out there and go for it.

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    warchi 81,
    there are much lower tech means of locomotor training out there that many say are superior to the of my sons biggest benefits of locomotion is reduced tone and should be able to find one close to home with a little web snooping.dont give up.

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    If you are in Boston, you should try Boston medical Center. They have a locomotor program there. It is a NRN program, I did the same program in Louisville. I have a huge amount of tone in my legs and they were able to work with me. It's humans moving your legs for you, so although not as precise as the lokomat, tone/spasms won't exclude you from participating.

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    We are doing a LOKOMAT study, will report back when done.

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