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Thread: deleting image from a please

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    deleting image from a please

    I'm a computer idiot...I really shouldn't be alowed to use the computer unsupervised! Is there any way to get a pic off of a disk you saved it to, without clicking ON the file name? Every time I try to it gives me a fatal exception warning. Thank you for your help! Carol

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    try this. First you need the complete name of the pic. Then, you should have a "Start" button on your "task bar", press "start", then "find", that will provide an option" files or folders", type in name of the pic, put this in the "named" box, then top left of that box, click on "file", that should give you the option to "delete" . Good luck.

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    is there other stuff on the disk you want to save? if not then format
    assuming your on XP...
    put the disk in
    go to my computer
    rt click the drive you want
    choose explore
    this will list everything on that disk. If you know what your looking for delete it. If you cant figure out which one it is go up to veiw then choose details.

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    Yeah, it worked! Thanks guys!!! And I'm one step closer to NOT being a computer idiot since I learned something new! Thanks again!

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