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Thread: Danger with bluejeans?

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    Hi In the past i've worn oversized denim jeans
    I used to wear size 9 jrs but preferred 12 eventually now I usually wear my sweat pants because theyre softer and I dont want to irritate any sore area .

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    Just to confirm what everyone else has said, I'm a C5/6 since '92, and have worn jeans since leaving rehab, first thing I did was ditch the sweatpants, they shouted "newbie" too loud!

    I just buy Gap jeans, watch for studs, remove the back pockets, and get the seam on the coccyx area re-stitched where the four panels meet and form a lump.


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    danger in bluejeans

    I wanted to let ya'll know that I went to JC Penny online and ordered 2 pair of the Towncraft Plain Back Elastic Denim Pants. My husband used to wear a 34 W and 30 L, so I measured him while lying flat in the bed and ordered a 38 W by 32 L. They fit wonderfully and look great. All kinds of hip room, no pocket seams on the butt, and a single flat seam at the crotch; long enough to cover his ankles while sitting in chair and plenty loose enough in the waist. He feels so much more presentable. I recommend the jeans. Thanks for all your help.

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    I have had a problem with the duble stiched middle seem causing a sore on my tailbone. However it has been broken and I dont have as much padding as before my injury so the seem rubs if I am sitting a long time. If I wear jeans I make sure I am not having to sit for a long time. or I buy jeans with a very flat middle seem, or make sure they are soft jeans. since I am a girl I can get the jeans that are the stretchy kind, they are not as stiff or with a middle seam that sticks up.

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    What I use to do when I first got hurt was my mom cut out the pointy parts of the jeans, no one noticed because I was always sitting which worked nice. She also put padding in them as well. The padding didn't really help but the cutting of the jeans worked pretty well.

    I wear regular jeans now which are painful but I move around enough that I don't have to worry about pressure sores. I've had one occasion recently when I was in mexico it was hot out and I was rolling around on not so nice land and I noticed above my sacrum there was blood but it wasn't a pressure soar it was more like just my jeans were rubbing on it and its fine now.

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    I have been wearing regular jeans for a long time now with out any problems EXCEPT, on Wranglers, and perhaps others, they have a 'Wranglers' emblem?? (on the back above the back right pocket I think), and that DID cause a problem, which took me a while to figure out. I now just remove that whenever I get a new pair of jeans.

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    I swear by the USA jeans. They're easy to get on with strong belt loops to tug them up. Elastic around the rear to keep them snug. They don't end up around my knees by the end of the day from moving around in my chair. Easy to cath with. They're a bit expensive but worth it IMO.

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    Tuglady Until the sore heals completely, Why don't you try some of the clothing lines othat are specially made for chair users? I am not really familiar with them, but I am sure that other members are. I seem to recall buying jeans for my son that were made with special seams that didn't rub. Of course, that was a long time ago, before i realized that he didn't like jeans, so he didn't miss them once he was in the chair! Logic would say that you shouldn't let anything near that sore that could undo the healing process, so this may be an alternative.

    Good Luck! A. Sundwall

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    Welcome to CC Tuglady. I hope his sore heals fast.

    I wear dresses'. I wouldn't begin to know how to get my quad belly in jeans. lol

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    I wear normal jeans. I still have a scare on the coccyx from a sore 40 years ago but not have any trouble since. It happens it is red and then I wear something else the next day, but I can feel it is painful too so it is easier to take care.
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