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Thread: Danger with bluejeans?

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    Danger with bluejeans?

    Hi, I am new here also. My husband is a C5,6 imcomplete quad 15 months post injury. He is recovering from a Stage IV pressure ulcer to coccyx that happened the first month after injury. He is up in his power w/c 5-6 hours a day with a Airpulse lateral rotation cushion. The sore continues to heal, but slowly. He has worn cotton sweat suits since injury and last week said he wanted to start wearing his bluejeans again. I am worried about the stitching and seams and pockets on bluejeans that may cause pressure and more problems. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as the best type of clothing? I would appreciate your help. This is the first time I have posted on this forum, but have found MUCH useful info on this site. Thank you.

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    I have never bought from them but came across this site..

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    My son still wears jeans. We buy them wider and longer. I wash them and I double the Downey to make them really soft. So far (5 years post), he has not had any issues with the seams or pockets.

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    I get a tailor at a clothing store to remove the back pockets of all my jeans. I also buy them with a bit bigger waist size than I need, get the "stetchy" material jeans because they have more give in them which helps in dressing, and am careful not to buy any with unnecessarily large rivets, etc. I was scared off of jeans in rehab but since I decided to start wearing them again last year, I've had no jeans-related skin issues.

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    You could get a little jobby called a "seam ripper" at anywhere that sells sewing supplies to take the pockets off. Probably only costs a couple of bucks. Very easy to do - it just slides between the two pieces of fabric and cuts the threads. And the pieces of threads pretty much brush off then usually.

    Just thought that might save some money.

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    The seam ripper is a great idea. I guess my suggestion of a tailor to remove pockets was geared more towards those who, like myself, lack the necessary hand function to do it themselves.

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    I do understand that (sorry, didn't know just what your hand function is). But, any aide or familiy member could probably do it too - it's much simpler than one might originally think.

    lol I know this because during my infrequent sewing attempts, there have been multiple "oops" seams that needed removing.

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    If you have to go the jeans route, look for relaxed fit and pay attention to the material. Some heavy denim is like sandpaper and has done a job on many SCIs I have known. Chinos are safer.
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    Thanks - that's a great idea about the seam ripper! I do have one. I will have to try his old jeans to see if they still fit. If not, I will buy the stretchy soft ones and remove back pockets. Again, thanks so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuglady View Post
    The sore continues to heal, but slowly.
    I try to buy jeans w/o back pockets, but I think in men's styles they probably don;t exist.

    But until the sore is healed, watch very carefully when he us wearing jeans. I would check that the back seam doesn;t come anywhere near the sore, as the seams in jeans are harder than in other pants.

    Light weight Khaki's might be a better next step from sweats.
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