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Thread: urinary incontinence at night

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    urinary incontinence at night

    I was injuried about 7 months ago and have been out of the hospital about 4 months. about two weeks ago i stared having this problem I cathader about every 4-6 hours there is no smell or cloudiness to the urine. I was wondering what can be done about it.

    Thanks Mike

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    Please complete your profile. It is difficult to answer questions with so little information.

    What is your level of injury and ASIA category?

    Do you have a urologist? Have you had urodynamics?

    Are you taking any anticholenergic meds? If so, which ones and how much.

    How much do you cath for?

    Do you limit your fluid intake after about 6PM?

    It is common for your bladder to change a lot over the first 6-12 months post injury. It is likely that you are finally fully out of spinal shock and are having reflex unstable bladder contractions that are causing your leakage. You need urodynamics and evaluation for medications (either adding or modifying) to control these uninhibited contractions that are causing your leakage, possibly with high pressures as well.


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    Is it bad?

    Hi! I had my SCI about 15 months ago, level C5-C6.
    Is it bad/dangerous to cath before going to bed (aprox. 250 mL), then spend the whole night without cath (incontinence, about 1600 mL) and cath again in the morning before getting out of bed (aprox. 350 mL)?

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    Yes, it can be if you are voiding with high pressures and/or have high residuals. When did you have urodynamics and what were the results of this?


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    Hi Mike,
    I can tell you that you shouldn't go longer than 6 hours between catings due to bacterial buildup in your urine. Try cathing every 2 to 4 hours rather than 4 to 6 hours.

    I'm a T7-8 Complete since 2000. I do not have incontinence problems very often and I NEVER get UTIs and I believe that the reason for this is because I cath every 2 to 4 hours round the clock.
    Never let life discourage you - everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was.

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    I am only at 5 months so take my advice with a grain of salt. I had problems at night as well (t8/complete). I started being very strict about cathing every 4 hours and also at the same time every day (I use my iTouch as an alarm, it works great). So if I go 4.5 hours and cath at 12:30 the next time I still go at 4:00 not 4:30. Haven't had an accident since. I also do this at night as well, its a pain but better than pissing myself (sorry to be crude)


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    What about trying incontenance underpants (my kid calls them adult pull ups) at night after you cath? That or set up an alarm to wake up & cath. Only suggestions.

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    It is rarely optional for a male with a SCI to have to use adult diapers (padding) since a condom catheter is much more functional and safer for the skin. Females sometimes use them, but it would be better to identify and correct the reason for incontinence between caths rather than just give up and use padding.


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