Hi Sir,
My Brother in law lives in India had c5-c6 injury in April 09 & is quad.He is in Rehab center from the past 8months.
He had an episode of Autonomic dysreflexia in Sept.& during that time he had seizures & high BP..He spent 5 days in ICU.& now he is taking antiseizure medicine& high Bp medicine .Doctors r saying AD is under control but still his BP is not under control .
He went for Urodyanimic test but during that time his BP shoots up so they cancelled it.
He is using catheter now instead of CIC .In the morning before he passes stool his Bp is in the range if 160/100 but soon after passing stool his BP is in the range of130/80 or 120/70.

Do you think he has some bowel problem.
Which tests we shud perform to rule out the problem?
Which is better catheter or CIC in the long run.
He wants to go back to his home but still in the rehab center as his BP is not under control.
Please Dr.Wise help us..