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Thread: Natural-Fit LT Ergonomic Grip Handrims - Kit $75.00

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    Natural-Fit LT Ergonomic Grip Handrims - Kit $75.00

    Natural-Fit LT Ergonomic Grip Handrims. The Natural-Fit are uniquely designed wheelchair handrims that provide a significant improvement of the fit between the user’s hand and the rim. The design features and benefits of the Natural-Fit are summarized below:

    $75.00+ Shipping PayPal Only

    6 months old with some scratches

    Natural-Fit LT
    Size 25" Wheel Spinergy
    TAB Mount

    • Provides ergonomic surfaces for the thumb, fingers, and for the palm of the hand - creating a vastly improved contact area for gripping the handrim
    • Available with specially coated high friction thumb surface for enhanced propulsion and braking
    • Maximizes the efficiency of propulsion and braking
    • No gap between the rim and wheel. This prevents fingers and thumb from getting caught between the rim and wheel
    • Eases stress on the shoulder, wrist, and fingers - reducing the likelihood of experiencing pain and injury (tendonitus, arthritus, etc.) as a result of daily propulsion
    • Backed by sound scientific evidence from both laboratory and field research - Giving the user confidence in the optimal design of the Natural-Fit
    • Lightweight durable aluminum - Adds little additional weight or width relative to standard handrims
    • Attaches to the wheel of a wide variety of wheelchairs, affording trouble-free replacement of your existing handrims
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    What bout $50 + Shipping?

    What bout $50 + Shipping?

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    I'm Rob I want these handrim wheels email me in how to get ahold of you.
    Thankyou. Rob

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