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Thread: New stimulite contoured cushion 18X18 for sale $125.00

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    New stimulite contoured cushion 18X18 for sale $125.00

    I have had this in my closet for almost a year I have never used it and need to get rid of it. $125 plus shipping This is the cushion only, no cover.

    Additional Information at


    • Rear dish for optimal pelvic positioning.
    • Sweet spot helps prevent hammocking.
    • Adductors, abductor for leg positioning.
    • Perforated honeycomb circulates air and evaporates moisture.
    • Breathable cover and side vents for complete ventilation.
    • Wallet pocket can be concealed underneath the cushion.


    The Supracor Stimulite Contoured Wheelchair Cushion is recommended for paras, quads and other individuals requiring a high level of pressure management in addition to upper body positioning. A rear dish features a sweet spot, softer honeycomb material that contains the ischials and coccyx and helps to prevent hammocking.
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    stimulite cushion

    Is this cushion still available?

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