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Thread: help improve breathing in paralyzed patients

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    help improve breathing in paralyzed patients

    help improve breathing in paralyzed patients

    November 28th, 2009

    WASHINGTON - Patients with upper spinal-cord injuries or other diseases that keep them from breathing independently will soon be implanted with a new device that will improve their breathing.

    Called the NeuRx Diaphragm Pacing System, the device, which will be implanted by physicians at UT Southwestern Medical Center, has been designed to give patients more freedom and to help slow respiratory decline.


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    Synapse Biomedical got FDA approval for this device in June of 2008. They have been doing implants as part of a clinical study at Vancouver, BC (they also show US and European sites on their website), and we may know someone with one of these; it would be very interesting to know of their experience. I expect that the process of weaning from a ventilator to a diaphragm pacer is slow and uncomfortable, but the potential of at least partial freedom from the vent must create a lot of motivation.
    According to Synapse's literature, the system consists of an external pulse generator with leads that enter the skin; electrodes are mounted on the diaphragm in four places, and there's a larger electrode nearer the skin to act as a return current path. Unless Synapse are fools, they're working right now on a version that is sompletely implantable, with batteries that are rechargeable via an external device.
    - Richard

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    New Device Implanted by Surgeons Help Paralyzed Patients Breathe Easier

    ScienceDaily (Nov. 28, 2009) — Physicians at UT Southwestern Medical Center soon will begin implanting a new device designed to improve breathing in patients with upper spinal-cord injuries or other diseases that keep them from breathing independently.

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    Hey, can anyone tell me more about this implant-a pacemaker for the diaphragm.
    My daughter-who is 25years old-is a new SCI at C3,C4,C5-just under not quite two months since her GS wound to neck. We are in Columbus, Oh. LTAC and her Dr. has recommended her for this procedure-to a doc. in Cleveland-Ohio. Please can someone-tell me about others-info etc...Alix's Mom

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    Hi - the device mentioned is a takeoff from the original developed at Yale University Hospital with Avery Biomedical.
    I had Avery's pacer implanted in 1981 and have loved it since day one. I highly recommend that you/your doctor consult with the folks at Avery.


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    Breathing pacemaker

    Avery Biomedical manufactures the breathing pacemaker. They are FDA approved.

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