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Thread: weed seed?

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    weed seed?

    does anyone know where I can buy, or how I can breed lawn weeds which are resistant to common over-the-counter herbicides?

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    Getting back at a neighbor?

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    More likely a neighbor oversprays the junk all over his property. Look on the back of a bottle of the herbicide and see what it does not kill.

    (I really thought you were looking for marijuana seeds for a second)
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    well...those too ) n/p. But I find LOTS of hits for those... I wouldnt' even consider buying mr. green from a "regular."

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    home grown...I know JUST where the leaves are commin from, if ya get me

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    it takes a lot of work to stop bamboo...

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    lolol oh that brings to mind fighting bamboo at my friend's house in Texas. Don't think she EVER won.

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    Pampas Grass once is starts to grow it will take over & hard to kill.

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    Two things overtook my first yard, despite our best efforts to be free of them: catnip and rhubarb. Give 'em a go.
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