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Thread: Local news story

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    Local news story

    For those who might be interested in the story, just click this link and click on "Paralyzed woman taking new steps in life"

    Hope you'll also look at my thread on the upcoming marathon.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    eta... actually, this is an easier link to navigate... click on the video
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    Way to go JenJen! Good luck on the marathon.
    Oh yeah and thanks for the good cry! Happy tear too.
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    JenJen you're a real SUPER lady!!
    Be yourself!!!
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    WTG, JenJen!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

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    Wonderful, just wonderful!

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    I wish I would have seen this when it was on! My husband and I watched your video together with tears flowing.

    This really shows your determination and strength.

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    I knew it was about you & saw the word "tears" so I just didn't check it out today... I don't wanna cry today.

    Still though, super cool. You deserve an article! I was wondering how far you had came with your therapy so far the other day. I guess I can read & find out now.

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    That was wonderful. You worked real hard for that day. Keep at it , you'll get there.
    oh well

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    Thank you for sharing that. Yes, I cried but they were tears of joy for you. I know you have struggled through this. You have helped me struggle through too. I know so many of us hate being called an "inspiration" but I want you to know that you truly are mine. Good luck with your marathon. Again, thank you.


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    Thanks Jen,

    Wow that was scary just listening to the 911

    rock on

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