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Thread: I don't think there is anything that could make me happier than being cured...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alick View Post
    It's kind of depressing that what we all really want in life is something that about 99% of the population have - the ability to walk.

    I was sat in a stadium of about 30,000 people the other week and it struck me that out of that number I was one of the 20 or so people in a wheelchair, and perhaps one of the 5 under the age of 25.

    I'd take walking.
    Who was playing?

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    i rather be cured n live my life normal

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    I'd be the happiest man in the world if cured--I'd take a cure over $10 million without hesitation.
    "I'm lost. I'm no guide, but I'm by your side." - Pearl Jam

    "It decomposes, mendicant, therefore, truly, one calls this the world." -- Loka Sutta

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    walk no question, even for Bill Gates money.

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    cure def....
    I have more to claim.
    I have to fight through the hard places
    to go and get it!

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    Question Frankly, I can't even begin to understand why someone would trade off a cure

    for money.
    Bizzare? ...........or is it me?

    Just posturing, but possible reasons could be:

    1. Has it been so long for some of us that we could actually forget what our pre-sci lives were like to chose money?

    2. Has post sci life for some of us been so good that they would consciously chose money over ab life?

    Beyond bizzare actually, I can't underrstand.

    Fyi, I haven't read the whole thread yet, so pls excuse me if i'm a repeat.
    But since I'm at it, this subject is as foolish as Wise's concept of sex being as-satisfying
    post sci. Totally baffling suggestion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangejello View Post
    Not at all for me. In fact, if anything, my injury has made me accutely aware of how easy and fortunate my station in life was before my injury and how I never really gave serious consideration about how difficult or painful life can be for others, even if the issues they are dealing with are very different from my own. It's very unfortunate that it took a severely disabling injury to change my view of the world. But I think if I had to name one positive to come out of what happened to me, this is it..
    Wow, i feel exactly the same way, pretty much word for word.

    When people ask me about my injury, one big reason it sucks that i can't magically be AB again tomorrow is that i know just how much i'd appreciate my life and health.

    I know that i could say work 10 hours a day at Burger King over a deep fryer for minimum wage, drive a hunk of shit car, and live in a small apartment, but if i was healthy, life would be beautiful so long as my daughter staid healthy also. I'd wake up with a smile on my face each day like i had just won the lottery simply because i could climb out of bed, dress myself, wack off if i wanted to, take a regular shower, and be a normal human being.

    When i hear normal every day healthy people complaining about problems in their life that they claim are stressful like money or job issues, i can't help sometimes thinking, man you have no idea how much i wish your biggest problems were what mine are.

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