I want to give my caregivers some kind of gift or bonus for the holidays but I am not sure how to handle it. The last few years I have just given them all a small gift or a gift card as a year end thank you becase the agency they work for has always given out substantial cash bonuses in early December based on the number of hours worked in a year However, sign of the times I guess, and the agency sent out a memo saying there would be no bonuses this year. Which actually made me feel bad because I know that some of them were depending on the bonus due to husband's being laid off, kids starting college, etc.

So I was wondering if it would be better this year to just give out a cash bonus? Does anybody else do that? If I go that route, I have no clue how much to give. I also don't want to create bad feelings among everybody but I can't trust them to keep the amount they recieve to themselves. And last year the gift card amounts caused a minor issue that had me considering just scrapping them altogether for everybody. But in light of the no bonus announcement coming only a few days before it was due to be paid out, morale is very low and frankly I think its in my best interest to give them something.

But if I give cash do I give the same amount to those who are part-time as the full-timers? And how much shoould I give?

I also have one overnight staff (she is full time) who is constantly late and blows off shifts all the time at the last minute. Yet when she bothers to come to work, she does far more work than everybody else and I actually like her as a person. But I can't depend on her at all. Do I give her the same as the person who always shows up on time but won't lift a finger beyond what is spelled out word for word in her official job description?

Dealing with caregivers is the truly the bane of my existence some days.