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Thread: My First Buck Since My Injury

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    Damn that's a nice buck!
    Donnie: Dr. Xiao, What are your thoughts on a cure/combination therapy for SCI's??
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    Nice going man, nothing like corn fed venison and what a great feeling. Congrats, never give up on anything!!!
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    Way to Go!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LooseCannon View Post
    What chair are you using?
    Thats an Innovations in Motion X4. I have an X5 by the same company and LOVE it! The x4 is true 4 wheel drive and must be a beast. My x5 is a monster in the woods and its a mid-wheel drive, so I can only imagine what its big brother can do.

    Nice buck!!!!


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    Like I said ten of my bucks would have fit inside that one of yours and just to prove it here is a picture of my 2009 buck. I had had chances at others but was looking for a specific buck that I had been seeing near my blind and waited until the last thirty minutes of the hunt to shoot this one

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    Nice take, good spread. It looks like you didn't miss a beat in hunting. Good job, keep it up.Good luck.

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    Awesome buck HV! And even more awesome whacking him with your TenPoint!
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    Great work ... glad you "got back on the horse"! Hope you show us next years hunt.


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    Thank you all so much!!! Nevada, that is a great buck, even better than mine as your son was with you!! Congrats!!!

    Yes the chair is an Extreme x4 and it is awesome. I went to every spot that I hunted last year before my injury with that chair, the feeling of sitting under a few trees I used to climb into was awesome. One day i sat under the very tree i fell out of last year. the only drawback to me is the cost...mine cost $6,000.00 and it was a demo unit with 10 hours on it. New the X8 is over $20,000.00. Other than that it is the best!!! Rain or Shine.

    As far as the hunt goes: I had seen a few does that morning at around 7:00 and after that nothing, so I got mad and decided I would leave, so at 8:30 I started packing everything up to go. I had set my crossbow off to my side and was rolling up my camo turkey blind I was using to try to hide my chair. I then noticed a doe coming my way and I decided I would shoot her if she came close. she looked over to her side and at that point I knew there was a buck. Sure enough there was. I was all the way reclined back in my chair as I had leaned it back to pick up a piece of a candy wrapper I had dropped earlier. So basically i was laying down in my chair. I reached to my side to grab my crossbow and he looked at me but only for a second as i had a decoy out and he was not happy about it being there. I use a decoy all the time no matter the season, I use it mostly to distract the deer from me, the X4 is tough to fit in a blind so I set up a natural blind in a downed tree. I knew he was going to go down wind of my decoy and if he got to far he would wind me. So I mustered all the strenght I had to sit up and get the crossbow out front and ready for a shot, I had already put up my shooting sticks so i would have to shoot him free hand. i mouth grunted him to a stop at 40 yards, and shot. Crossbows are really loud, at the shot he jumped forward and blew and started to turn away to run, my arrow hit him back since he jumped forward but I hit him in the femoral arterie as I saw plenty of blood coming out. But I still was not sure if I got him enough. I waited in my chair till go look for him. During that time I cried my eyes out, I really did, just sat there and cried, I had did it, and I had been hunting hard, and again for some stupid reason I just felt I had something to prove, not even sure to who but I just had so much pressure on my self. It all went away with that shot. Long story short, I dragged him out with my X4 and then a close friend came and helped me do the rest. I have shot bigger deer before my injury and have never had any of them mounted, but you can bet this one is going right above my fireplace. I am just so lucky, so lucky to be alive and so lucky to be able to still hunt!!!!

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    Congratulations! Better looking than the ones my AB hubby is getting.

    Oh yea, total chair envy. This woodsy girl has been looking for something that would get me in & out easily. I think I just found it, I've never seen a 4x4 one that wasn't gigantic as well.
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