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Thread: I have a black eye

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    I have a black eye

    I managed a face plant in the shower. Me and the water spout don't get along, it won.
    So anyone know anyway to cover it, make it heal faster or something?? It happened Friday morning and has grown progressively darker. I have a presentation tomorrow and this sucks. It's hard enough to get up in front of people you don't know at times, now I come complete with a wheelchair and a shiner. Nice....
    It is mainly my eyelid not as bad underneath thank goodness. I need Kristi's makeup artistry I think. But I don't wear a lot of makeup so I don't know how to do that without looking like a clown.
    Anyone have a magic solution?
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    Oh ow. Basically, you'd want to cover it with some skin color cover-up. I'd do both eyelids (so they match). Then use some sort of eye shadow, just so it looks like you meant to have make-up there. Maybe a touch of mascera, just so it looks "made-up".

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    Cold witch hazel compresses will take out the discoloration faster but maybe not fast enough for tomorrow. The sooner you apply it after a boo boo, the better it works. I keep it in the frig all the time. It will sting on broken skin, so don't use it there. Good luck.
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    I did a quick google search and this sounds like something that might help! Sorry to hear about the spill. Hope it heals quick!

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    Thanks. I'll try the witch hazel and go dig through my daughters makeup. Sad she has a drawer full of makeup and knows how to use it. I have a little bag and don't know how to use it. She's at her dad's until Wed though.
    The trouble is it is where my eye and nose meet that it is the darkest. I think I'm out of luck. Too bad I can't wear sunglasses.
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    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    Ouch! Simply smile at them and no one will notice the eye over the beautiful smile!
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    Use foundation/coverup first then a plum color for eyeshadow.
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    Ouch, ouch, ouch! Damned foreign object wins again. Hope you're better soon.

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    Just smack the other one and people will think it's normal. If you get questions, tell them you just couldn't sleep last night.
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    I was gonna say, if you can't disguise it, make a really funny quip about it, so it'll slide on by.

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