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She's a tough therapist...just how I like em. I'll be going back to Northridge in Feb when I return from Ohio (fly out to sci-step tomorrow).

I go afternoons after lunch, maybe I'll catch you there. Enjoy the pool, it's very beneficial, and hardly ANY provide aqua-therapy like Northridge. Have fun!
I told her you said hi and Debbie knows you also I assume, because she exclaimed "Ohh Mark!" It would be cool to run into you though! I've been waiting to get in the pool since my accident! Unfortunately, my entire leg was broken and the surgeon who worked on it wasn't aware that I was paralyzed. When my cast was taken off, a lovely pressure sore on the back of my heel had been awaiting my encounter. I have to wait for that to heal completely before aqua therapy :/.

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Welcome to the community. How are you doing and what's new in your new life?

- Kendrick
Thanks Kendrick :} I actually have a fever today, missed therapy, and laid in bed all day resting :{ Otherwise I am doing rather well, keeping positive and stayin' strong! It's been a very interesting lifestyle to be presented with.