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Thread: Universal Design Comic

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    i started sticking fluorescent stickers and high vis duct tape on a lot of the items i carry all the time. so much easier to find and less likely for me to lose it.
    nice work BTW
    cauda equina

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    good idea metronycguy. I used to put Velcro on everything to make it easier to pickup things.

    do you live in NYC? I'm planing a trip there for next year's comic-con.

    ... and thank you.
    "Always look at the bright side of life...."

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    There was one time back in October when I went to a black tie event in Hollywood and was gonna go out with friends after. My friend researched the club we were gonna go to, called ahead to make sure they were wheelchair accessible (both entry and facilities, bathrooms, etc). When we got done at the gala my friend and I were gonna meet another friend at this place, but there was one MAJOR problem. The club itself looked very handicap accessible, but there was no parking lot!! The only parking available was street parking on Sunset Blvd, a BUSY street in the heart of Hollywood. Needless to say, I didn't feel like being road kill as I unloaded my wheelchair from the drivers side so we ended up going home. I was majorly disappointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChinaDoll View Post
    good idea metronycguy. I used to put Velcro on everything to make it easier to pickup things.

    do you live in NYC? I'm planing a trip there for next year's comic-con.

    ... and thank you.
    hi china doll , i am outside the city ,within about 15 miles of midtown,
    comic con sounds cool always hear about this interesting conventions too late.
    they have a couple in interesting ones i need to go to some day,
    i think comic con is one of them, i saw the pictures of everybody dressed up in the crime fighter costumes, pretty interesting.
    cauda equina

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChinaDoll View Post
    I want people to think universal design as not only for people with physical barriers but all....

    the door color is a barrier for visually impaired individuals because the color is too close and majority of them can not distinguish the difference therefore are unable to see the wall from the door frame from the door.

    good point. Universal Design just makes sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by wazabiker View Post
    I get the stairs as a barrier, but what about the door color makes it inaccessible?
    I think the button is in a silly spot for a wheelie. I could get it with my stick, but doubt a wheelie could use it.

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    Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChinaDoll View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I wrote, colored and lettered this comic for a universal design presentation for work. The artist is Chris Malgrain from France.

    in English:
    in French:


    Hey! I love this comic! Love it!

    The link to the English language page is not there/ :-(

    Gary Is
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    sorry Gary, site is down... here it is from a different site. I have another one coming soon. Hope you like it.
    "Always look at the bright side of life...."

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    Your comic's biting humor reminds me of an incident that occurred a couple of months ago at the Peabody hotel in Orlando Florida. The famous hotel, located immediately across the street from the world's largest conference center, ensured a soon-coming visitor that the shower area was completely flat. "Yes, it is a roll-in shower and it is completely flat for wheelchair access" the front-desk Peabody hotel staff insisted.

    Upon arriving, the visitor discovered that both a steeply ramped floor area and a small raised threshold rose to the bathroom area wherein was a small not-so-flat shower floor exhibiting yet another raised threshold.

    An expensive "elite" hotel does not necessarily offer terrific accommodations.

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